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William Bence Employment Agreement <br /> 3. Nothing in this agreement shall prevent, limit or otherwise interfere with the right of <br /> the Employee to resign at any time from his position with Employer, subject only to the <br /> provision set forth in Section 14.4 of this agreement. <br /> 4. Employee is hereby granted continuing employment status with Employer and agrees to <br /> remain in the exclusive employ of the Employer and neither to accept other employment nor to <br /> become employed by any other employer except as provided herein. <br /> 5. The term "employed" shall not be construed to include occasional teaching, writing or <br /> consulting service performed on employee's own time off, provided they are consistent with <br /> Chapter 42.23 RCW and Jefferson County's Code of Ethics. <br /> Section 3.Salary <br /> 1. Employer agrees to start Employee on the Exempt Salary Matrix at Grade 18, Step 7, <br /> which is$5,932.51 per full month worked and pro-rated for any partial month worked. <br /> 2. Annual step increases and/or general wage adjustments will be provided in the same <br /> manner as provided to other Exempt employees of the Employer, pursuant to the salary rates <br /> of the Exempt Salary Matrix. <br /> Section 4. Benefits <br /> 1. Except as described herein, Employee shall receive the same Employee Benefits as <br /> Jefferson County's other Exempt Employees,which shall be administered pursuant to adopted <br /> County policies and the Jefferson County Personnel Administration Manual. All provisions of <br /> the Code of Ordinances, and regulations and rules of the Employer relating to personal time off, <br /> holidays and other fringe benefits and working conditions as they now exist or hereafter may <br /> be amended, also shall apply to Employee as they would to other Exempt employees of <br /> Employer, in addition to said benefits enumerated specifically for the benefit of Employee <br /> except as herein provided. <br /> 2. Personal Time Off(P.T.O.): As of July 9, 2018, Employee's starting P.T.O. account will be <br /> credited with 120 hours (15 days). <br /> P.T.O. is in lieu of vacation and sick leave. In addition to the starting P.T.O. account <br /> balance above, P.T.O. shall be earned, accrued, used and administered pursuant to Chapter 6, <br /> Section 3.0 of the Jefferson County Personnel Administration Manual, starting at a rate of <br /> nineteen (19)days per year for the first three years, and increasing thereafter per the County's <br /> adopted P.T.O. schedule in Section 3.4 of Chapter 6, and shall accrue monthly on a pro-rated <br /> basis. Use of P.T.O. during Employee's evaluation period is limited and by approval of the <br /> County Administrator. P.T.O. Banking and cash out shall be pursuant to Chapter 6 of the <br /> Jefferson County Personnel Administration Manual. In the event Employee leaves County <br /> employment during the evaluation period,the P.T.O. bank is not eligible for cash out. In <br /> addition to the accrual pursuant to Section 3.4 of Chapter 6, up to three additional non- <br /> accruable PTO days per year will be provided to Employee based on tenure, pursuant to Section <br /> Page 2 of 7 <br />