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<br />HEALTH BOARD MINUTES - May 15,2003 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />OLD BUSINESS AND INFORMATIONAL ITEMS <br /> <br />Letter to Public Works Board Trust Fund ADDlication for Beckett Point Community On site <br />Sewa!!:e Svstem: Last month, the Board authorized Staff to prepare a letter of support, which was <br />included in the agenda packet. Member Buhler moved to approve the letter as presented. <br />Commissioner Huntingford seconded the motion, which carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />NEW BUSINESS <br /> <br />Communicable Disease UDdate - Severe Acute ResDiratorv Svndrome (SARS): Dr. Locke <br />reminded that the Board had previously received the notice and fact sheets sent to providers in the <br />County. Some of this information - such as the case fatality rate - is already out of date. Among the <br />probable cases of SARS, the fatality rate for people with the corona virus infection is now about 15% as <br />opposed to 4-5%. People over the age of 65 have a much higher fatality rate - possibly reaching 50%. <br />There continues to be a lot of press coverage on SARS, despite there being little evidence that it has hit <br />the U.S. Of the 60 or so probable U.S. cases, only six people have actually tested positive for the <br />infection. It continues to be out of control in China and Taiwan. It is encouraging that Vietnam and <br />Singapore have brought it under control using isolation and contact precautions. SARS might be the fIrst <br />opportunity to exercise new rules dealing with isolation and quarantine. <br /> <br />Communicable Disease UDdate: SmallDox Vaccination: Dr. Locke noted that the Board materials <br />included a press release from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) that <br />essentially states that they do not support Stages II and III of the national smallpox vaccination program. <br />He believes the statement from Washington State Public Health OffIcers Society would be even clearer, <br />that there is no evidence to suggest the vaccinations should continue and that such an effort would be <br />hugely expensive. Although Federal agencies are on record as having gone into Stage II efforts, it <br />appears they are reconsidering this action and might continue with an extended Stage I. The Board of <br />Health felt an expression in support of either of these organizations' positions was not essential at this <br />time. <br /> <br />Communicable Disease UDdate: West Nile Virus ResDonse: Member Frissell mentioned a recent <br />letter to the editor of The Leader from a County resident reporting a lack of response from the Health <br />Department regarding a dead crow. She fears that even the perception of an unconcerned response might <br />make people less inclined to report. Jean Baldwin explained some of the challenges in educating citizens <br />as to the limits of the County's surveillance capabilities. She reviewed the recommended procedure for <br />handling crows until they can be picked up by the County and said she had also spoken with clerical <br />Staff about the screening protocols. Dr. Locke added that Jefferson County is allotted 40 tests throughout <br />the entire mosquito season and has already tested six crows. He reminded that the County is not testing <br />mosquitoes for West Nile. Veterinarians are monitoring unvaccinated horses with symptoms, which was <br />how West Nile was introduced. <br /> <br />In addition to the Board's request last month that the Department produce a press release on West Nile, <br />there was interest in including the Health Department protocols and a statement that garden centers have <br />