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01 0412 10[Icon] Uniform System for naming roads & Numbering Properties & Structures as a component of the E911 Syte
02 0510 10[Icon] Enacting a Moratorium against the issuance of permits or applrovals pertaining to adult businesses
03 0524 10[Icon] Moratorium on New Mooring Buoy's in Mystery Bay
04 0809 10[Icon] Amending the Unified Development Code JCC 18.22 to Allow Underground Storage Tanks in Critical Aqui
05 1011 10[Icon] Amending the Enhanced 911 Excise Tax on the use of Switched Access Lines, Radio Access lines and...
06 1025 10[Icon] Moratorium Against Issuance of Permits or Approvals Pertaining to Adult Business
07 1122 10[Icon] Moratorium on a NEw Mooring Buoy's in Mystery Bay
08 1213 10[Icon] Approving Comp Plan Amentment MLA1--00073 Miles Sand & Gravel Mineral Resource Land
09 1213 10[Icon] Amending Ord. 08-0706-04 as Req. by Miles Sand & Gravel Comp Plan Amend. MLA10-00073
10 1216 10[Icon] Establishing a Fee Schedule for Public Health
2010 Ordinance List[Icon]
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