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tisoe coG JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />K 621 Sheridan Street, Pon Townsend, WA 98368 I Web: waw.w.ieffenwn.wa uslwmmunilydevelooment <br />``gyrr o Tel: 360.379.44501 Fax: 360.379.4451 1 Email: tlod*,co.ieffersonmam <br />SquareONE Resource Center I Building Permits & Inapectlons 1 Development Review I Long Range Planning <br />Jefferson County Code Interpretation <br />Date: August 29, 2014 <br />Issued by: Stacie Hoskins, Planning Manager, Shoreline Administrator and UDC Administrator <br />Affected: All properties within Jefferson County, Washington <br />Subject: On Site Sewage system repair, specifically consistency with JCC 18.22 and JCC 18.25 <br />Backeround & Analysis <br />In accordance with Article VI, Chapter 18.40 of the Unified Development Code (UDC), Jefferson County <br />Code (JCC 18.40.350) this interpretation of the Unified Development Code is intended to clarify <br />conflicting or ambiguous wording, interpret proper classifications of a use, or interpret scope or intent. <br />This is an administrator -initiated interpretation as allowed by JCC 18.40.360(1). The "Factors for <br />Consideration", as identified in JCC 18.40.360(4) and listed below, were considered in making this UDC <br />interpretation, including applicable goals and policies of the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan: <br />(a) The applicable provisions of this code, including its purpose and context; <br />(b) The implications of the interpretation for development within the county as a whole, including <br />the precedent the interpretation will set for other applicants; and <br />(c) Consistency with the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan and other relevant ordinances and <br />policies. <br />Applicable Provisions <br />Applicable provisions of the Jefferson County UDC include: <br />Chapter 18.22 JCC Critical Areas <br />JCC 18.22.070 General exemptions listed: <br />18.22.070(6) Reconstruction, remodeling, or maintenance of existing structures. This <br />exemption shall not apply to reconstruction which is proposed as a result of structural damage <br />associated with a geologically hazardous area and does not allow further intrusion into a <br />wetland, fish and wildlife habitat conservation area and/or their buffers. <br />18.22.070(21) The administrator may determine that an activity is closely allied or similar to any <br />activity in this list. If such an activity does not impact the functions and values of any critical <br />area or its buffers, it may also be determined to be exempt. <br />18.22.080 Nonconforming uses. <br />(1) Any legal use or legal structure in existence on the effective date of the ordinance codified <br />in this chapter that does not meet the buffer requirements of this chapter for any designated <br />critical area shall be considered a legal nonconforming use. <br />