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<br />r' <br /> <br />1. Camping Vehicle: A travel trailer, tent or tent <br />trailer, pickup camper, or other similar device <br />used for portable housing. <br /> <br />2. Block: A group of campsites within defined and <br />fixed boundaries. <br /> <br />3. Board: The legislative authority of Jefferson <br />County. <br /> <br />4. Comprehensive Plan: The current comprehensive plan <br />of Jefferson County, adopted by the Board pursuant <br />to state law. <br /> <br />5. Cul-de-sac: A road closed at one end by a circular <br />area of sufficient size for turning vehicles around. <br /> <br />6. Dedication: The deliberate appropriation of land <br />by an owner for any general and public uses, re- <br />serving to himself no other rights than such as <br />are compatible with the full exercise and enjoyment <br />of public uses to which the property has been devoted. <br />The intention to dedicate shall be evidenced by the <br />owner by the presentment for filing of a development <br />plan showing the dedication thereon; and, the accept- <br />ance by its public shall be evidenced by the approval <br />of such development plan for filing by the Board of <br />County Commissioners of Jefferson County. <br /> <br />7. Director: The Jefferson County Director of Public <br />Works. <br /> <br />8. Easement: A grant by a property owner to specific <br />persons or to the public to use land for a specific <br />purpose or purposes. <br /> <br />9. Final Development Plan: The final drawing of a <br />camping club and dedication prepared for filing for <br />record with the county auditor and containing all <br />elements and requirements set forth in Chapter 271, <br />Laws of 1969, First Ex. Sess., and in this ordinance <br />adopted pursuant thereto, and Chapter 106, Laws of <br />1972, Extraordinary Session of the Legislature. <br /> <br />10. Site: A space assigned to a camping club member <br />for an indefinite period of time, or for life, or <br />for a period longer than one month, and on which <br />site the member is entitled to park or locate a <br />camping vehicle. <br /> <br />11. Development Plan: A map or representation of a <br />camping club showing thereon the division of a <br />tract or parcel into campsites, blocks, roads, or <br />other divisions and dedications. <br /> <br />12. Preliminary Development Plan: A neat and approximate <br />drawing to scale of a proposed camping club showing <br />the general layout of roads, campsites, blocks and <br />other elements of a camping club, which shall furnish <br />a basis for the approval or disapproval of the general <br />layout of a camping club. <br /> <br />Page 2 <br />