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Commissioners Meeting Minutes: Week of September 28, 1998 <br /> <br /> THE CONSENT A GENDA - Continued: <br />2. AGREEMENT re: Flexible Mitigation Funds for Emergency Social Services for Families <br /> impacted by Timber and Salmon Downturn; Jefferson County Public Services; Washington State <br /> Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) <br />3. AGREEMENT (G9900057) re: Shoreline Master Program Amendments CZM306; Long Range <br /> Planning; State Department of Ecology <br />4. AGREEMENT re: Removal and Transport of Six (6) Trees from Landowners Property; <br /> Jefferson County Public Works (XO 1313); Maureen Paris <br />5. CONTRACT re: Provide Equipment for Upper Hoh Project XO1313; Jefferson County Public <br /> Works; Rognlin's Inc. <br />6. Request to Use Abandoned Landfill Office for 4H Concession Stand; Jefferson County Fair <br /> Board <br />7. Accept Recommendation to Pay Claim #C-21-98, $2,509.73; Damaged Vehicle; Lynn Thomas <br />8. Final Plat Approval, #SUB96-0001, Micraelund Short Plat; To Divide 16 Acres into 3 Lots <br /> Located Off of 4 Comers Road; Beatrice Michelson, Pat & Judy Lundgren, Sandra and Rae <br /> Thomas, Mary Ann and Ann Michelson, Applicants <br />9. Letter to Dan Staber, Washington State National Guard re: Appointing or Reappointing <br /> Members to the State of Washington Local Emergency Planning Committee: <br /> <br />10. <br /> <br />11. <br /> <br />12. <br /> <br />13. <br /> <br />14. <br /> <br />Sgt. Bob Schilling, State Patrol <br />Glen Huntingford, Commissioner <br />Bob Minty, JC Emergency Mgmt. <br />Ken Radon, Port Port Townsend <br />Syd Schniedman, EMS & TC <br />Chief Chuck Boggs, FD # 1 <br />Chief Mel Harod, FD #4 <br />Scott Wilson, Leader <br />John Barth, Pacific Oil Products <br /> <br />Don Clotfelter, DOT <br />David Goldsmith, Cty Public Servs <br />Aubrey Palmer, JC Waste Facility <br />Curtis Stacy, Jefferson Transit <br />Ken Cox, Jefferson Hospital <br />Chief Bob Wilson, FD #2 <br />Robert Brooks, FD #6 <br />Cathy Gosnell, Sprint <br />Ralph Bauman, Pettit Oil Co. <br /> <br />Dave Johnson, USFS <br />Pete Piccini, Sheriff <br />Randy Marx, JC Env. Health <br />Richard Sorensen, ARC <br />Tom Aumock, PT Fire <br />Chief Wayne Kier, FD #3 <br />Alice McConaughy, PT Paper <br />Forest Lane, Lakeside Ind. <br />Jerry Koonz, Suburban Propane <br /> <br />Richard Chawes, Sunshine Propane Karen Anderson, Time Oil Co. <br />DELETE Reappoint Two (2) Members to Serve a Three (3) Year Term on the Jefferson County Fire Code <br />Advisory. Board Expiring August 7, 2001; Cy Heffernan and Thomas McNerney <br />Food and Beverage Purchase Request; Lunch during Civil Service Testing, Saturday, October 3, <br />1998; Jefferson County Civil Service Commission <br />Food and Beverage Purchase Request; Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Training, <br />September 30 and October 1, 1998; Jefferson County Public Services <br />Food and Beverage Purchase Request; YIPPEE Youth Program September 29, 1998; Jefferson <br />County Public Services <br />DELETE Out of State Travel Request to Attend Professional Seminar in Arlington, Texas; Jefferson County <br />Public Works; Randy Pendergrass <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br /> <br />