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SON Ca JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />PLANNING COMMISSION <br />w` a <br />621 Sheridan Street I Port Townsend, WA 98368 <br />r9 �� 360-379-4450 1 email: <br /> <br />To: Board of County Commissioners: Chair Kate Dean, David Sullivan, Greg Brotherton; <br />Department of Community Development, Director Patty Charnas; and <br />Interested public of Jefferson County <br />From: Jefferson County Planning Commission <br />Date: October 16, 2019 <br />Subject: Jefferson County Planning Commission's Review and Recommendation on the <br />2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Final Docket <br />Overview: At the conclusion of the Board of County Commissioner's deliberations on June 17, 2019, the Board <br />established that no suggested text amendments on the Preliminary Docket be placed on the 2019 Final Docket of <br />Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code amendment proposals in 2019. Pursuant to 18.45.050(3) <br />JCC, all formal site -specific amendment applications are placed on the Final Docket for consideration. Therefore, <br />the 2019 Final Docket contains one formal site -specific amendment proposal: MLA19-00013 Andrew and Sarah <br />Wilke, a proposal to re -zone a 10-acre Rural Residential 1:10 parcel to Rural Residential 1:5 for subdivision. <br />The Planning Commission has reviewed, and provides the following recommendation for the Board's action on <br />this Comprehensive Plan Amendment proposal for the 2019 planning cycle. <br />Recommendation: The Planning Commission recommends denial of the rezone proposal outlined in MLA 19- <br />00013 (Wilke) to change zoning of Parcel #001184004 from RR1:10 to RR1:5. <br />In support of the Planning Commission's recommendation, the Planning Commission enters the following <br />findings and conclusions: <br />1. The Planning Commission met on February 27, 2019 in a Special Meeting to discuss four suggested text <br />amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code (UDC), developed and brought <br />forth by the Planning Commission for docketing in the 2019 amendment cycle. <br />2. Four suggested text amendments (MLA19-00018, MLA19-00019, MLA19-00020, and MLA19-00023) <br />and one site -specific amendment (MLA19-00013) were placed on the Preliminary Docket through the <br />Comprehensive Plan amendment process specified at Jefferson County Code (JCC) 18.45.050(2). <br />3. All of the amendment proposals were timely filed by March 1, 2019. <br />4. On March 27, 2019, Community Development released the Department of Community Development's <br />Review and Recommendation on the 2019 Comprehensive Plan Preliminary Docket. Community <br />Development recommended against placing any suggested text amendment on the 2019 Final Docket in <br />consideration of need, urgency, appropriateness, DCD staff capacity to substantively review and manage <br />the suggested text amendments, and anticipated DCD cost and budget for processing the suggested <br />amendments. <br />