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<br />Board of Equalization Minutes: October 17, 1990 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />The new construction, as verified by Mr. and Mrs. Chawla to Mr. Kingsley, consists of a <br />two story, single family home rated as excellent quality and in excellent condition without <br />any depreciation and considered 100% complete. The home was built in 1989 and is <br />inhabited by Mr. and Mrs. Chawla. The exterior is siding/stucco (lap) with extensive grey <br />brick work on the structure and garage ($10,000 added for the brick work). The roof is of <br />grey tile. There is a concrete perimeter foundation and frame construction on the first <br />floor. There are four bedrooms, three full baths, one half bath (4 toilets, 2 showers, 1 <br />tub/shower). There are four fireplaces with two fireplaces per each two-story high chimney <br />and there is a heat pump. There are built-in appliances consisting of one range/oven, one <br />hood/fan, one dishwasher, one garbage disposal, one trash compactor, one microwave, and <br />an electric garage door. Eighty percent of the home is carpeted with the remaining 20 <br />percent being tiled. The 100% complete house consists of 2,833 square feet on the first <br />floor, and 1,563 square feet on the second floor. There is a basement area of 1,856 square <br />feet of average quality, which is not assessed as complete (the basement will be worked <br />up separately from the house as completion occurs). There is a 45 square foot, concrete <br />front porch, a 982 square foot wooden deck, and an attached garage of 726 square feet, <br />considered very good quality, with siding/stucco (lap) exterior and a tile roof. The interior <br />of the garage is finished. Of the $357,370 the house is assessed at, $10,000 is for the <br />brick work, $172,850 is for the new construction at 100% complete, leaving the base value <br />2L.$174.520 from the previous valuation, although, according to documentation, the <br />valuation is reflected at $184,520 (Exhibit G). <br /> <br />The Chawlas "counter appealed" to the Assessor's staff when they received their original <br />1990 Assessment for 1991 Taxes form showing a total valuation of $425,040. The <br />valuation was dropped to $413,370. As the Chawlas were not satisfied with the results of <br />the counter appeal, they petitioned the Board of Equalization on September 4, 1990. <br /> <br />1988 Assessed Valuation: <br /> <br />Land Only: <br />Improvements: <br />Total Valuation: <br /> <br />(pre-land & home improvements) <br />(See Exhibit H - la"d only) <br /> <br />1989 INTERIM Assessed Valuation: <br />(See Exhibit G - new construction) <br /> <br />Land Only: <br />Improvements: <br />Total Valuation: <br /> <br />1990 Assessed Valuation: <br /> <br />(Pre-Connter Appeal) <br />(See Exhibit 4 - corrected notice) <br /> <br />Land Only: <br />Improvements: <br />Total Valuation: <br /> <br />$ 55,000 <br />NONE <br />55,000 <br /> <br />$ 56,000 <br />184.520 <br />240,520 <br /> <br />$ 56,000 <br />369.040 <br />425,040 <br />