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<br />Jeffree Stewart <br />I will try to keep this short but it is the only time I get to comment on the proposed SMP. <br />? <br />I would have liked to have understand the SMP before I disagreed but it is too mind boggling to <br /> <br />understand what the ramifications will be so I as read it I must disagree. <br />? <br />The SMP is written so vaguely and subject to the judgment of so few that when the people that <br /> <br />it will be levied against read the SMP we feel totally helpless and angry with the “system” that <br />wrote it and will be doweling it out to us. <br />? <br />Do we as county property owners get to vote on this proposal? No. We get to comment, surely <br /> <br />not enough. <br />? <br />It is all too obvious that the existing farms, housing developments, cities and town, quarries etc. <br /> <br />that are already polluting the sound not being targeted by the SMP. This “no net loss” is on the <br />shoulders of therelatively few people that have scraps of property on or near the waterfront, <br />often private, most single dwelling, often not developed. <br />? <br />The 150 foot setback is definitely not appropriate when surrounding developed properties have <br /> <br />50 ft setbacks but the undeveloped conforming property will be held to 160 feet. The ”line <br />between” methodology should be used. <br />? <br />Unless mitigation of some past sins is levied against the big offenders the effort is wasted <br /> <br />causing grief for the small offenders. The county needs to HELP the small offenders remedy the <br />issues. <br />? <br /> What happened to the Indians and the farms, doesn’t their pollution count? Port Gamble that <br /> <br />evidently has poor control of runoff causing extremely high toxin count a few years ago in <br />comparison to other areas nearby that have pristine water? <br />? <br />We all know it is necessary to keep misguided people from doing stupid things that effect the <br /> <br />sound, but are we partners with the county or are we adversaries? For example, last year a <br />group of conscientious home owners get together to request a single, proper, staircase down a <br />“feeder bluff” but they were turned down flat, but with helpful design input from the county <br />this should have been possible. We are all the people that pay the taxes that pay the bills for <br />the county and the state, even pay the salaries. <br />? <br />We shouldn’t have to protect ourselves from our government, this should be a partnership that <br /> <br />helps us do our business and live our lives. <br />? <br />There should only be one set of rules with a given set of exceptions. All of us that have been <br /> <br />involved with the county and park department see the differential between what state agencies <br />can make happen are not possible for the private citizen. <br />Thank you for your consideration. <br />Ken and Marianne Wood 206 930-8404 <br />