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2019 Comprehensive Plan Annual Amendment Process Flowchart <br />Formal Site-Specific Amendment & Suggested Amendment Proposals <br />Anticipated timeline <br />or required deadline <br />Shading denotes legislatively determined dates <br />Draft January 16, 2019 - Subject to Revision <br />4:30 pm Reports <br />March 1, 2019 <br />March 15, 2019 <br />est. April 2019 <br />May 13, 2019 <br />July 1, 2019 <br />July/August 2019 <br />September 2019 <br />October 2019 <br />November 2019 <br />December 9, 2019 <br />February 2020 <br />PC Recommentdation Report <br />to BoCC Regarding <br /> Suggested Amendments <br />DCD Staff Report, SEPA <br />Addendum & Recommendations <br />on Docketed Proposals <br />Planning Commission <br />Recommendations to BoCC <br />on Docketed Proposals <br />DCD Drafts Ordinance <br /> for Final Board Action <br />DCD Compilation of <br />Preliminary Docket & <br />Evaluation Report on <br />Suggested Amendments <br />Applications due no later than March 1 of each year <br />JCC 18.45.040(2)(a) <br />DCD Staff Report evaluating which Suggested Amendments meet criteria to be placed on <br />the Final Docket <br />JCC 18.45.060(1) <br />Staff prepares compilation of Preliminary Docket for public review by the end of the <br />second full business week of March of each year. <br />+ All Formal Site-specific Amendments <br />+ All Suggested Amendments <br />JCC 18.45.050 <br />Optional Joint BoCC/Planning Commission Workshop <br />Invite applicants to present proposals <br />JCC 18.45.060(2) <br />Planning Commission Hearing on Suggested Amendments on preliminary docket <br />JCC 18.45.060(3) <br />Planning Commission Report and Recommendation to BoCC on Suggested Amendments <br />for Final Docket <br />JCC 18.45.060(3) <br />BoCC to consider Preliminary Docket by the second regular BoCC meeting in May <br />JCC 18.45.060(4) <br />Possible BoCC public hearing on suggested amendments if majority of BoCC <br />decides to add or subtract suggested amendments <br />to be held no later than the first BoCC meeting in July <br />JCC 18.45.060(4)(a) <br />BoCC adopts Final Docket <br />All timely submitted petitions for Formal Site-Specific Amendments <br />Proposals for Suggested Amendments which the BOCC elects to consider <br />DCD review, staff report, and recommendation of Final Docket, including SEPA review <br />JCC 18.45.070 <br />Planning Commission review of Final Docket proposals & at least one Public Hearing <br />JCC 18.45.080(1) <br />Planning Commission recommendations on Final Docket proposals to BoCC <br />Approve, Deny, Approve with Conditions or Modifications <br />BoCC reviews CPAs and PC Recommendations at regularly scheduled meeting <br />JCC 18.45.080(2)(b) <br />Optional BoCC workshop to review the Planning Commission <br />Recommendations <br />JCC 18.45.080(2)(a) <br />BoCC Public Hearing if change deemed necessary to Planning Commission <br />Recommendations <br />BoCC Decision <br />The final action on the docket must be taken <br />by the second regular board meeting in <br />December of each year <br />JCC 18.45.080(2)(d) <br />Possible Appeals shall be filed with and processed by WWGMHB per Chapter <br />36.70A RCW