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This is one of nine issue papers being prepared by the Puget Sound Water Quality <br />Authority on subjects that will be addressed in the first Puget Sound Water Quality <br />Management Plan. All of the papers will be released by mid -June 1986. These <br />papers are not the "final word" on the issues. We are using them to start <br />discussion of these subjects so that we are better able to draft an accurate and <br />appropriate Puget Sound Water Quality Management Plan. <br />We invite your comments on this issue paper and others. Please submit them to the <br />Authority by June 30, 1986. Comments will be helpful if they focus on the accuracy <br />of the description of the issues discussed and on the feasibility and desirability of <br />the alternatives described in the paper. Written comments or participation in public <br />forums in late June are both ways of discussing the issue papers with us. <br />The papers will not be revised for future publication but will form the basis for <br />additional work leading to the draft plan, which will be released in early September. <br />Opportunities to comment on the draft plan will be provided during September and <br />October. A final plan will be adopted in December 1986. <br />Thus, while the deadline for comments on the issue papers is June 30, 1986, the <br />Authority welcomes continued discussion of and comment on the issues themselves <br />and options to address those issues through the fall. <br />Following is a complete list of issue papers: <br />1. Combined Sewer Overflows <br />2. Comprehensive Monitoring of Puget Sound <br />3. Industrial Pretreatment <br />4. Nonpoint Source Pollution <br />5. Industrial and Municipal Discharges <br />6. Contaminated Sediments and Dredging <br />7. Wetlands and Habitat Protection <br />8. Response to Oil Spills on Puget Sound <br />9. Public Involvement in Water Quality Policymaking <br />