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<br />Minutes, October 17, 1984 Health Board <br />Page 2: <br /> <br />* $1,262 morein revenue than budgeted for the nine months, ending <br />in September. <br /> <br />* A Botulism in canned foods seminar was presented in cooperation <br />with the Health Department Nursing staff and County Cooperative <br />Extension. <br /> <br />* Complaints received and followed up on: garbage, a dead cow, a <br />privy tooclose to a well and three dog bites. <br /> <br />* Some involvement with a change in the State rules on swimming <br />pools which are now being called water contact facilities to allow <br />regulation of more types of pools. <br /> <br />Site Inspection; Harry Hubbard: Commissioner JohnPitts re- <br />ported thatlne and Randy Durantl1ad inspected Mr. Hubbard's property <br />in Quilcene and that he had reported their findings to Mr. Hubbard <br />by phone. Mr. Hubbard will be contacting a soil engineer and Randy <br />Durant in the near future. <br /> <br />Food Service Audit: The County was audited in January by <br />the Food Protection Audit Program of the Department of Social and Health <br />Services to evaluate the effectiveness of the Health Department in ful- <br />filling their responsibility for the State Board of Health regulations <br />Chapter 248-84 WAC - Food Service Sanitation. A similar audit was <br />conducted ten years ago, Randy Durant reported when he presented the <br />final audit report and a summary sheet. He made note of the following. <br /> <br />i, <br /> <br />The administrative review was conducted with Randy Durant and was <br />given a score of 80, which is in the "good" range. <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Of the 120 food establishments in Jefferson County. 53 are considered <br />"High risk" type establishments which means they are restaurant facilities <br />which have comprehensive menus, complex food preparation and/or a <br />high food volume. 23 "High Risk" facilities were surveyed. Environ- <br />mental Health Specialist, John Eliasson accompanied the auditor to <br />the food establishments surveyed. <br /> <br />,,< <br /> <br />The establishment survey was done on the new State approved <br />"Red/Blue"Inspection Form. This form puts emphasis, in the red <br />section, on those items that have proven to be directly responsible <br />for the occurrence of foodborne disease outbreaks, such as: <br />Foods protected from cross-contamination; Foods protected <br />from contamination by workers; Foods protected from contamination <br />by other sources; temperature control - proper cooling <br />and refrigeration, hot holding and adequate cooking and re- <br />heating. <br />The "Blue" items cover items which may indirectly cause foodborne <br />outbreaks or relate to general community hygiene, such as: <br />Food protection; Hygiene and activities of food workers; <br />Cleaning, washing and sanitizing equipment; sanitary facilities <br />garbage disposal; Insect and rodent control and Construction <br />and maintenance of physical facilities. <br />