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<br />BOARD OF EQUALIZATION MEETING MINUTES. SEPTEMBER 28,1994 <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />HEARING WITHDRAWALS AND WAIVERS <br /> <br />Chairman James A. DeLeo read the Hearing Withdrawals into the record that were received from <br />the following Petitioners: <br /> <br />Kenneth R. Alexander <br />BOE: 94-07-W <br />PN: 950 100 708 <br /> <br />Bruce & Margaret Samuelson <br />BOE: 94-39-R <br />PN: 901 191 015 <br /> <br />Leon & Maridel Voetberg <br />BOE: 94-42-C <br />PN: 502 104 020 <br /> <br />Roger & Marjorie Gillette <br />BOE: 94-45-R <br />PN: 502 213 022 <br /> <br />Rose Rihtarich <br />BOE: 94-52-R <br />PN: 991 200 404 <br /> <br />These withdrawals were submitted by the petitioners to the Assessor's Office. (See Attached) <br /> <br />Chairman James A. DeLeo then read the Waiver into the record. <br /> <br />L Enarson & R. Kraxberger <br />BOE: 94-41-W <br />PN: 001 034052 <br /> <br />The corrected market value was agreed upon by the Petitioner and the Assessor's Office. (See <br />Attached) <br /> <br />REQUEST TO ACCEPT LATE PETITION <br /> <br />The Board reviewed the circumstances under which Mrs. Audrey Schuele requested that her <br />petition be accepted. After a brief discussion, Member Bill Marlow moved to accept Mrs. <br />Schuele's petition to be heard this session. Vice-Chairman Dick Broders seconded the motion <br />which carried by unanimous vote. <br />