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<br />May 10, 2010 <br /> <br />Jeffree Stewart <br />PO Box 4775 <br />Olympia, WA 98504 <br /> <br />Re: Jefferson County Shoreline Master Program <br /> <br />Mr. Stewart: <br /> <br />This letter is in response to the Shoreline Master Program being proposed for Jefferson <br />County. My wife and I have been full time residents of Jefferson County since 2000. I <br />have been coming here since 1952 when my grandparents purchased the property that we <br />now live on. We live in Gardiner on Discovery Bay and have 2 acres and 300 feet of no <br />bank waterfront plus tidelands. Three generations of my family have lived on this <br />property. This property has been very special to our family since it was purchased. The <br />shoreline is in better condition now. This brings up the point that the DOE has stated that <br />the shorelines in Jefferson County are in excellent condition. The updated SMP is based <br />on unsubstantiated fears that the same pollution that has occurred in Seattle will occur <br />here. There is no evidence of this. 70 % of Jefferson County shoreline parcels have <br />already been developed under existing standards. The assumption of the new SMP that <br />the development of the remaining 30 % will be so uncharacteristic of historic trend that <br />the shoreline will be irreversibly harmed is based on fear. <br /> <br />Our fear is that the new SMP will do irreparable damage to our property and resale <br />values. How can you assure us that this will not happen? <br /> <br />How does Section 16 of the Washington State Constitution – Eminent Domain – pertain <br />to this situation? Will we be compensated for the loss of property? <br /> <br />For several years there has been no septic system monitoring program. It seems that <br />Jefferson County would need to be concerned about this when there are numerous septic <br />systems in our area alone that are in violation of the required codes. Does this add to the <br />pollution? <br /> <br />We would like to express our dissatisfaction in the way the passing of the SMP has been <br />handled by Jefferson County. We have been told that we, as shoreline owners, were to <br />receive notification by mail of the public hearings. This has not happened. We feel that <br />the decisions that are being made are done so without the knowledge of the property <br />owners in Jefferson County. If this can be passed than what are we in store for in the <br />future? Our rights as landowners are being taken away from us without any recourse. <br />This is very disturbing to us. We are proud property owners and would not consider <br />harming it. <br /> <br />Dan and Marylou Tatum <br />201 Nebel Dr. Gardiner, WA. 98382 <br /> <br />