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4SON <br />�kti OG�� <br />!G � <br />�SXIN�`° JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />621 Sheridan Street <br />Port Townsend, WA 98368 <br />Al Scalf, Director <br />Unified Development Code Interpretation <br />Date: January 5, 2008 <br />Case: MLA07-00638 (ZON07-00098) <br />Applicant: Iron Mountain Quarry <br />Representative: Keith Moxon, Law Firm of GordonDerr <br />This interpretation is made according to Article VI, Chapter 18.40 JCC. An <br />interpretation of the provision of the Unified Development Code is intended to <br />clarify conflicting or ambiguous wording, interpret proper classifications of a use, <br />or interpret scope or intent. The "Factors for Consideration" listed in JCC <br />18.40.360(4) (identified below) were considered in making this UDC <br />interpretation, including applicable goals and policies of the Jefferson County <br />Comprehensive Plan. <br />(a) The applicable provisions of this code, including its purpose and context; <br />(b) The implications of the interpretation for development within the county as a <br />whole, including the precedent the interpretation will set for other <br />applicants; and <br />(c) Consistency with the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan and other <br />relevant ordinances and policies. <br />Building Permits/Inspections <br />Development Review Division <br />Long Range Planning <br />(360) 379-4450 e-mail: FAX: (360) 379-4451 <br />