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<br />Michelle McConnell <br />From:Darlene Schanfald [] <br />Sent:Friday, May 07, 2010 2:29 PM <br />To:Stewart, Jeff R. (ECY); <br />Subject:Jefferson County SMP Comments <br />Attachments:Sample Letter SMP 04222010.doc; SMP Revised Talking Points.doc <br />Categories:LASMP Public Comment <br />Mr. Jeff Stewart <br />Regional Planner, Shoreline Specialist <br />Department of Ecology <br />Olympia WA 98504 <br /> <br />Dear Jeff: <br /> <br />The Jefferson County Shoreline Management Plan process was long and extensive. It engaged <br />numerous citizens and organizations over a period of years, including shoreline owners on the <br />Policy Advisory Committee. The overall plan was given "thumbs up" by both the County <br />Commissioners and the knowledgeable citizens who gave of their time and focus on this <br />important document. The final result is a great "role model" to follow by other counties and <br />municipalities . <br /> <br />The point is to protect our shorelines for the wildlife dependent on them. We humans are <br />dependent on solidly protected shorelines and marine life. So the prohibition of all mining <br />and mining-related activities on our natural, conservation, and residential shorelines must <br />be upheld. <br /> <br />The 150 foot buffers are necessary because, as global warming and rising tides progress, <br />those buffers will shrink. So more today is more protection for tomorrow. <br /> <br />The negative history of net pen farming is well known, world wide. <br />Wild salmon and marine habitat have been decimated and whales have lost migratory pathways <br />due to these operations. I have followed the issue since 1987 with the attempt to site these <br />in Discovery Bay. I belong to five organizations that have studied the human and wildlife <br />affects of this industry. The prohibition of commercial net pen farming is a given to <br />prohibit, for human health and environmental reasons. <br /> <br />The document provides land use consistency and improves property values. <br /> <br />It falls in line with DNR direction in that it minimizes the need for shoreline armoring by <br />encouraging non-structural remedies. <br /> <br />I hope Ecology will approve the plan submitted by Jefferson County. <br />As I live in Clallam County, the Jefferson County SMP will be a good guide for my County and <br />the cities SMP development. <br /> <br />Thank you, <br /> <br />Darlene Schanfald <br />481 Holgerson Rd <br />Sequim WA <br />360-681-7565 <br />1 <br />