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<br /> <br />BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br /># <br /> <br />;. <br /> <br />'District No. 1 <br />District No. 2 <br />District No. 3 <br /> <br />Commissioner <br />Commissioner <br />Commissioner <br /> <br />A.M. O'Meara <br />B.G. Brown, Chairman <br />Carroll M. Mercer <br /> <br />Clerk of the Board <br />Engineer <br />Secretary <br /> <br />Betty J. Anderson, Auditor <br />Edwin A. Becker, P.E. <br />Jerdine C. Bragg <br /> <br />- M IN-U TES - <br /> <br />OCTOBER 26, 1976 <br /> <br />10:00 A.M. - Meeting reconvened at this time with all members present. <br /> <br />Lease Agreement for the Recreation Center by and between Port Townsend <br />School District #50, Lessor and Jefferson County, Lesses, was approved <br />by motion of Commissioner O'Meara second by Commissioner Mercer. Unan. <br /> <br />Motion by Commissioner O'Meara, second by Commissioner Mercer to appoint <br />Kenneth Gaird as Fire Commissioner for Fire District #5 as per recommend- <br />ation of Herman Pearson, Chairman of Fire District #5. Unanimous. <br /> <br />~lo <br /> <br />Vacation of Carroll Avenue - Gises Addition to Port Townsend. <br /> <br />After receiveing the previously requested information it was moved <br />by Commissioner O'Meara second by Commissioner Mercer to vacate Carroll <br />Avenue. Unanimous. <br /> <br />After an extended discussion on the Architectual Survey to refurbish <br />the Recreation Center, the Board decided it would be more beneficial <br />to ,the County to a€cept Ute proposal submi ttedby B. J . S. S. because <br />they were informed that they could start the job immediately and have <br />it completed in one weeks time. Also because the County is already <br />a day late in submitting the E.D.A. grant to be applied to the final <br />Architect fees if grant is awarded, it was moved by Commissioner <br />Mercer to rescend his previous motion to employ David Johnston as <br />Architect and to hire B.J.S.S.S to do the Architectual survey of the <br />Recreation Center. Motion was second by Commissioiier O'Meara and made <br />unanimous by Chairman Brown. <br /> <br />There being no further business before the board meeting was adjourned. <br /> <br />Approved by: <br /> <br />B.G. BrowIl,. Chairman <br /> <br />Q~ ' <br />ft~ <br />A.--:. Meara,. Member <br /> <br />f!:df/LILI/!.J!J1 f!l!!Wi <br />C"rroU M. Mere -" ,MemBer <br /> <br />ATTEST: <br /> <br />Betty J. Anderson, Auditor <br />Ex-Officio, Clerk of the Board. <br /> <br />l_ <br /> <br />,VOL <br /> <br />2 t,\f;~ <br /> <br />01239 <br /> <br />_,CC~ <br /> <br />_. <br />