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Process for Deliberation and Recommendations <br />October 16, 2019 <br /> <br />1) Motion, Second, Discussion? <br />(Recommend one of the Following) <br />A) Approve <br />B) Deny <br />C) Approve with Conditions or Modification <br /> <br />2) Deliberations <br />A) Comprehensive Plan <br />Deliberation may address: <br /> Population projections and allocation with respect to the adequacy of rural residential land, ability of <br />UGA(s) to meet demand. <br /> The expected impact on rural character, open space, native vegetation, and variety of rural densities. <br /> Zoning designation criteria for rural residential 1:10 & 1:5. <br /> How are the various goals and policies of the Comp Plan balanced with respect to this proposal? (Land <br />Use, Open Space, and Environment); are there other areas of relevance? <br /> <br />B) Required findings <br /> <br />i) Growth Management Indicators 18.45.050(4)(b)(i) through (4)(b)(vii) <br />[See September 4, 2019 Staff Report pp. 2-1 to 2-6] <br /> <br />(4)(b)(i) Whether growth and development as envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan is occurring faster or <br />slower than anticipated, or is failing to materialize. <br /> <br />(4)(b)(ii) Whether the capacity of the county to provide adequate services has diminished or increased. <br /> <br />(4)(b)(iii) Whether sufficient urban land is designated and zoned to meet projected demand and need. <br /> <br />(4)(b)(iv) Whether any assumptions upon which the Comprehensive Plan is based are no longer found to <br />be valid. <br /> <br />(4)(b)(v) Whether changes in countywide attitudes necessitate amendments to the goals of the Plan and <br />the basic values embodied within the Comprehensive Plan Vision Statement. <br /> <br />(4)(b)(vi) Whether changes in circumstances dictate a need for amendments. <br /> <br />(4)(b)(vii) Whether inconsistencies exist between the Comprehensive Plan and the Growth Management <br />Act or the Comprehensive Plan and the Countywide Planning Policy for Jefferson County. <br /> <br />ii) Required Findings: 18.45.080(1)(b)(i) through (iii) <br /> [See September 4, 2019 Staff Report Table 6. pp. 2-12 to 2-13] <br /> <br />(1)(b)(i) Whether circumstances related to the proposed amendment and/or the area in which it is <br />located have substantially changed since the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan <br /> <br />(1)(b)(ii) Whether the assumptions upon which the Comprehensive Plan is based are no longer valid, or <br />whether new information is available which was not considered during the adoption process or <br />any annual amendments to the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan <br />