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• <br />• <br />BEFORE THE DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />OF JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />RE: <br />File No.: <br />Applicant: <br />Representative: <br />Property Description: <br />Request for Administrative Interpretation <br />PRE98-0052 <br />Chuck Finnila <br />Tillman Engineering <br />Sections 15 & 22, T25N, R2W <br />A pre -application consultation was held on January 12, 1999, at which time, a number of <br />planning issues pertaining to the siting of a 222 -acre golf-course/residential complex south of <br />Black Point Road were discussed. The proponent requested by letter dated January 19, 1999 that <br />the County provide further information regarding these issues. Following is the administrative <br />response to the requests as discussed at the pre -application meeting and contained in the <br />aforementioned letter. <br />1. Land Use/Zoning Designation <br />A. The use "golf course" is not an outright permitted use. <br />B. Residential use is not considered an appurtenant feature to the use "golf course". <br />C. The appropriate density designation for this specific site is a legislative act and <br />therefore cannot be determined by the Director. The appropriate procedure for this <br />decision is detailed in the analysis. <br />D. The Best 'Management Practices requirements for construction of golf courses, as <br />referenced in the Jefferson County Interim Critical Areas Ordinance, it is not an <br />administrative decision. The Director can not update the Jefferson County <br />ordinance by adopting Kin, County's amended version. The appropriate <br />procedure for this decision is detailed in the analysis. <br />These four interpretations are based on the detailed analysis provided below. <br />A. The Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan identifies a number or areas <br />throughout the County as "Parks, Preserves and Recreation". <br />Staff does not concur with the applicant's interpretation that Recreation Area is an `overlay <br />district', as Recreation Area is identified as a primary use designation in the Comprehensive Plan <br />map with no other additional designations assigned. <br />The subject property contains approximately 180 acres of land zoned as Parks Preserve and <br />Recreation and approximately 40 acres of lands zoned as R-20 (1 residence per 20 acres). <br />The proponent states that "in the event that a comprehensive plan has been adopted under the <br />• planning provisions of RCTV 36.70A. vet an implementing development regulation has not been <br />adopted, project review defaults to the comprehensive plan." <br />LOG ITEM <br /># 1-3 <br />