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01 0216 12 Health Board[Icon] An Ordinance to Amend Fee Schedule for Jefferson County Public Health
02 0312 12[Icon] Adopting Revised Fee Schedule for the DCD and PW Depts.
03 0326 12[Icon] Re: the Land Use Permitting & Siting of Sexually Oriented Adut Businesses
04 0326 12[Icon] Re: the Licensing of Sexually Oriented Adult Businesses
05 0507 12[Icon] Moratorium on New Mooring Buoy's in the Southern Portion of Port Townsend Bay
06 0517 12 Health Board[Icon] Jefferson County 8.15 ON-SITE SEWAGE CODE
07 0621 12 Health Board[Icon] An Ordinance to Amend the Fee Schedule for JCPH
08 0806 12[Icon] Repealing & Replacing #08-0829-08 Finalizing the Assess. System for the Port Ludlow Drainage Dist.
09 1001 12[Icon] Reapealing Ordinance No. 05-0507-12, a Moratorium on New Mooring Buoys on S. Port Townsend Bay
10 1001 12[Icon] Amending the Unified Development Code JCC 18.20.260 & 18.30.050 to Exclude Public Purpose Facil ...
11 1008 12[Icon] To Update Fees for Recording a Public Record as Prescribed by the Survey Recording Act
12 1203 12[Icon] Adopting Imp the 2009 Vsn of the Inter Bldg Codes Purs. to the Rules of the WA ST Bldg Code Council
13 1217 12[Icon] Unified Dev. Code to Waive the Min. Acreage Req. for Small-scale Rec & Tourist Use w/Historic Site
2012 Ordinance List[Icon]
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