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Exhibit "A" <br />Change Orders <br />1 � <br />ASPHALT <br />CHANGE ORDER: #01 <br />JOB: CASTLE HILL <br />CUSTOMER: <br />DATE: <br />SCOPE OF WORK: <br />Jefferson County <br />10/10/18 <br />- Demolish existing concrete Ramp. <br />- Remove 50' of 18" concrete curbing. <br />- Remove concrete wheel stops and set aside. <br />- Sawcut and excavate down to allow new installation of 6" Zurn drain with channel grates. <br />- Form and pour concrete around drain. <br />- North end of drain to daylight approximately 10' beyond end of lot. <br />- South end of drain will tie into existing pipe next to catch basin approximately 50' from end of <br />drain. <br />- Re -install wheel stops after paving. <br />Bid Form Item #4 - ORIGINAL PROPOSAL: $7,,986.00 + $718.74 = $8704.74 <br />Total Cost for Above Scope of Work: $21,146.00 <br />CHANGE ORDER: $12,441.26 (Includes Sales Tax <br />Original Contract Amount: $142,519.68 <br />New Contract Amount: $154,960.94 <br />AGATE SPHALT <br />L) Lli� <br />PRINTED / <br />DATE <br />CUSTOMER <br />PRINTED <br />DATE <br />PO BOX 1193, POULSBO, WA. 98370 (360) 930-8703 WWW.AGATEASPHALT.COM <br />