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4. Funding provided by this Agreement may only be expended on the services described in <br />Section 1 of this Agreement. Any monies used for other services or purposes shall be <br />refunded to Jefferson County. Any monies under -expended of the total funding allocated <br />under this Agreement shall be refunded to Jefferson County by January 31, 2019. <br />5. By February 2811 of each year provide the following information on Exhibit B, attached <br />hereto and incorporated by reference for the previous year. <br />a. Each festival, event, or tourism facility owned and/or operated by CENTRUM. <br />b. The amount of lodging tax revenue allocated for expenditure (whether actually <br />expended or not) by the CENTRUM on each festival, event or tourism facility. <br />c. Estimated number of tourists served at each festival, event or tourism facility. ("Tourist" <br />includes persons traveling more than 50 miles to the location of the event, festival or <br />facility and overnight stays in the area). <br />d. Estimated lodging stays. ("Lodging" refers to commercial lodging such as hotels, <br />motels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, or commercial campgrounds). <br />e. Measurements that demonstrate the impact of increased tourism attributable to the <br />event, festival or facility. <br />SECTION 3: RESPONSIBILITY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />The COUNTY will provide the CENTRUM funding from Hotel -Motel Tax receipts to be <br />used in support of their responsibilities as defined under this agreement. <br />2. Said funding is in the sum of $20,000 for 2018. Payment is to be predicated on submittal of <br />reports defined in Section 2. Payment will be made by the COUNTY upon receipt of an <br />invoice on the next available billing cycle. <br />SECTION 4: TERM <br />This Agreement shall be for a term of one year, commencing on January 1, 2018 and ending on <br />December 31, 2018, except for the reports referenced in Section 2, due January 31, 2019 and <br />February 28, 2019. <br />SECTION 5: ASSIGNMENT <br />Either party to the agreement shall not assign this Agreement, except by signed amendment. <br />SECTION 6: MODIFICATION <br />This Agreement may be modified by mutual written agreement executed by both parties. <br />Page: 2 of 9 Centrum <br />