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SON , <br />r fN 0 JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />621 Sheridan Street <br />Port Townsend, WA 98368 <br />Al Scalf, Director <br />Unified Development Code Interpretation <br />This interpretation is made according to Article VI of Chapter 18.40 of the Unified <br />Development Code, Jefferson County Code (JCC 18.40.350). An interpretation of the <br />provision of the UDC is intended to clarify conflicting or ambiguous wording, interpret <br />proper classification of a use, or interpret scope or intent. The "Factors for <br />Consideration" listed in JCC 18.40.360(4) were considered in making this UDC <br />interpretation, including applicable policies of the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan. <br />Date: June 11, 2008 <br />Case: ZON08-00062/MLA08-00239 <br />Applicant: Gordon Derr, Attorneys at Law <br />Attn: Keith Moxon <br />2025 First Ave Suite 500 <br />Seattle, WA 98121 <br />Property Owner: Pope Resources <br />C/O Olympic Resource Management <br />19245 1 & Ave NE <br />Poulsbo, WA 98370 <br />Subject: Iron Mountain Quarry (IMQ) seeks clarification and interpretation <br />of Jefferson County Code (JCC) 18.20.240(2)(g)(i). <br />Request: IMQ requests that the County confirm that JCC 18.20.240(2)(g)(i) <br />which requires a conditional use permit "if increased off-site <br />impacts (noise, vibration, dust, traffic) would result from <br />expansion, intensification, or modification" of "existing gravel pits <br />and surface mining operations" does not apply where'the applicant <br />has existing rion-conforming mineral use rights for the proposed <br />mineral resource uses. <br />Iron Mountain JCC 18.20.240 Code Interpretation <br />MLA08-00239 <br />6/11/2008 <br />Page 1 <br />