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<br />BOARD OF EQUALIZATION MINUTES - AUGUST 15,2000 <br /> <br />C. Bennett - McGrady <br /> <br />BOE 00-40-LO <br />BOE 00-41-LO <br />BOE 00-44-R <br />BOE 00-45-R <br />BOE 00-50-LO <br />BOE 00-54-LO <br />BOE 00-67-LO <br />BOE 00-68-C <br /> <br />" " <br /> <br />Jerry L. Haskins <br />Earl H. Stelling <br />Evelyn Lyall <br />Eveleen Muehlethaler <br />Hargrave Garrison <br />Washington Mutual Bank <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />948 322 205 <br />948 324 205 <br />00 I 302 009 <br />996600001 <br />940 500 052 <br />00 I 202 003 <br />902 243 046 <br />991403601 <br /> <br />ASSESSOR'S CERTlFICA TE OF ASSESSMENT ROLLS <br /> <br />The Board reviewed the Assessor's Certificate of Assessment Rolls to the County Board of Equalization <br />subscribed and sworn to before the County Auditor. Vice-Chairman Broders moved to accept the Assessor's <br />Certificate of Assessment Rolls for 2000. Member DeLeo seconded the motion which carried by a unanimous <br />vote. <br /> <br />REQUEST FOR DIRECT APPEAL TO THE STATE BOARD OF TAX APPEALS <br /> <br />Member DeLeo moved to approve a request for direct appeal to the State Board of Tax Appeals submitted by <br />Richard A. Broders. Chairman Marlow seconded the motion. The motion carried, <br /> <br />HEARINGS <br /> <br />Mildred Northup <br />724 W. Uncas Road <br />Port Townsend, W A 98368 <br /> <br />BOE: 00-42-R <br /> <br />PN: 902261 006 <br /> <br />Ms. Northup was present. Appraiser Robert Kingsley represented the Assessor's office. After explaining the <br />hearing process Chairman Marlow swore them in. The property under appeal consists of a residence located <br />on 1.6 acres in Port Townsend. Ms. Northup stated that the assessment of her property doubled in one year. <br />She asked if other properties in the area were also reassessed or was she singled out? The current assessment <br />of the property is $122,585 ($33,900 for the land and $88,685 for the improvements). Ms. Northup estimates <br />the property value to be $103,565 ($18,000 for the land and $85,565 for the improvements). <br /> <br />Mr. Kingsley explained that all the property in the area was reassessed and Ms. Northup was not singled out. <br />He presented sales of comparable property which indicate that the market value of the appellant's property has <br />increased. <br /> <br />Discussion ensued regarding comparable sales. <br /> <br />Ms. Northup added that she just recently lost her husband and she must now pay this big increase in taxes all <br />on her own. <br />