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pF C0�s <br />4S' w�SON c° <br />September 23, 2019 <br />Board of County Commissioners <br />1820 Jefferson Street <br />PO Box 1220 <br />Port Townsend, WA 98368 <br />Kate Dean, District 1 David Sullivan, District 2 Greg Brotherton, District 3 <br />Michael Nilssen, Chair, Jefferson County Planning Commission <br />Members, Jefferson County Planning Commission <br />621 Sheridan Street <br />Port Townsend, WA 98368 <br />RE: Referral of County Ordinance No. 12-1102-18 (Title 8 - Health and Safety Code) And <br />Ordinance No. 15-1214-18 (Title 18 — Land Use Code) To the Jefferson County Planning <br />Commission <br />Dear Chair Nilssen and Planning Commission Members, <br />On September 16, 2019, the Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board (Growth Board) <br />issued its Final Decision and Order in Case No. 19-02-0003-c, which invalidated Jefferson County <br />Ordinance No. 12-1102-18 (Title 8 - Health and Safety Code) and Ordinance No. 15-1214-18 (Title 18 — <br />Land Use Code) under the Growth Management Act (Chapter 36.70A RCW) and remanded them to <br />Jefferson County to achieve compliance as addressed in the Final Decision and Order with compliance <br />due on March 2, 2020. Although the County plans to file a motion for reconsideration with the Growth <br />Board and may appeal the decision in court, the County Commissioners are asking the Planning <br />Commission to begin work immediately, in coordination with County staff, on legislation to revise the <br />two ordinances, as outlined below. <br />The County will be making changes to the ordinances to comply with the Growth Board's <br />decision, and staff is already working on constructive ideas to bring to the Planning Commission <br />for your consideration. Careful analysis of the Growth Board Final Decision and Order will need <br />to continue to be performed by the Planning Commission and County staff, and a determination <br />made as to potential amendments to the ordinances to comply with Growth Board Final Decision <br />and Order, while also being consistent with state and federal law, so the Commissioners' original <br />direction in the 2017 Moratorium Ordinance may be achieved with uniform operating <br />requirements for both existing and new commercial shooting facilities within unincorporated <br />Jefferson County. We anticipate having draft amendment language for the Planning Commission <br />by October 16, prior to the Planning Commission setting a Public Hearing. However, to start the <br />process, we are referring the two existing ordinances to you now. <br />2. Because the Growth Board decision invalidates the two ordinances, the Commissioners passed a <br />6 -month moratorium in order to preserve the status quo pending new legislation. The moratorium <br />became effective immediately. <br />3. Because the Growth Board's order sets a March 2, 2020 deadline for the Board of County <br />Commissioners to take final action to come into compliance, there is only a short time for the <br />Planning Commission to make its recommendations to the County Commissioners, while <br />providing enough time remaining for the Board of County Commissioners to adopt legislation <br />before the March 2 deadline. A potential appeal by the County of the Growth Board decision <br />Phone (360) 385-9100 Fax (360) 385-9382 <br />