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<br />Michelle McConnell <br />From:Normanc [] <br />Sent:Wednesday, May 05, 2010 12:39 PM <br />To:Stewart, Jeff R. (ECY) <br />Subject:Shoreline Master Plan <br />Categories:LASMP Public Comment <br />I have been working on a project in Mexico for the past 2 months, and I have just learned of <br />the proposed changes to the Shoreline Master Plan. <br />I have been a proponent of the the original plan, with some exceptions, but I am appalled at <br />the magnitude and direction of the proposed changes. <br /> <br />Setbacks of 150 feet are preposterous. Many shorline lots are so steeply rising behind the <br />shoreline that building is impossible. The best building sites for a home or extension are <br />often on a natural terrace much closer to the beach. The city of Port Townsend requires <br />only 50 feet. <br /> <br />Prohibiting a landowner from maintaining or improving his view (the main asset of shore and <br />nearshore properties) by restricting or limiting the amount of tree and brush trimming is an <br />infringement on ownership rights. Uncontrolled brush is also a potential fire hazzard. <br /> <br />All these proposed changes will reduce Jefferson county property values for those areas <br />affected. How will this be offset ? And who is going to pay for the enormous amount of <br />policing that will be required to enforce laws that will be so unpopular that there will be a <br />great tendency to ignore them ? <br /> <br />I have been a Sierra Club member since 1966, a current member of Washington Trails Assn, Port <br />Townsend Marine Science Center, and other ecologically oriented groups. I believe that <br />these proposed changes are radical to the extreme. I have never missed voting in a <br />Washington state elction, and would very much like to see published a list of elected <br />officials who are promoting this fiasco. <br /> <br />Also, I never received any kind of timely notice of hearings or opportunity for input. <br /> <br />I have been a registered and licensed geophysicist for 40 years, and nobody ever asked for my <br />"peer input". <br /> <br />I realize my comments are a day late, but hope they will not go unread. <br /> <br />Sincerely, <br /> <br />Norman (and Maxine) Christie <br />3235 Oak Bay Rd <br />Port Hadlock, WA 98339 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />1 <br />