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<br />Health Board Minutes: July 14, 1987 <br /> <br />Page: <br /> <br />2 <br /> <br />Written recommendations will be submitted to the County in draft form <br />for review. <br /> <br />Dr, Geerlofs added that the State advised that they will be doing <br />audits of some programs such as the landfill, food service and sewage <br />disposal. Discussion of procedures ensued, how other counties handle <br />problem cases, and how to handle problems that have been on-going for a <br />period of time. <br /> <br />NURSING REPORT: Dr. Geerlofs reported, in the absence of <br />Mary Catlin, that attention has been refocused on communicable dis- <br />eases. Reporting from local doctors and the hospital has improved. <br /> <br />School Contracts: There has been less involvement in the school than <br />the Department would like partly due to staffing shortages and partly <br />due to the varying needs of the schools. Providing basic services is <br />the goal for renegotiation on the school contracts, as well as keeping <br />the funding level previously established. <br /> <br />Staff Levels: The need for additional nursing staff is critical, Dr. <br />Geerlofs stated. Chairman Brown responded that it is not known what <br />the chances are of improving the staffing level in the nursing section <br />in 1988. More will be known as the budget process is begun in the next <br />few months. <br /> <br />Chairman Brown added that the Board realizes that the present staff is <br />working very hard to get the job done and that there is a need for <br />health services in the community. The Health Department staff needs to <br />realize that the Board is conscious of the need, for more staff but the <br />various department budget requests and funding levels have to be fit <br />into the priorities of the County as a whole. <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH REPORT: Rick Micklich submitted the <br />written report of the previous months activities and explained changes <br />that are being contemplated for the section. <br />* A new policy will be developed for keeping track of monthly <br />activities to provide more accurate figures for reporting. <br />A goal of doing 14 final inspections on every 15 septic <br />system installations has been established. <br />Implementation of the designer program is being researched, <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Clyde Grace Septic System; 231 Roqers Street, Quilcene: The <br />Grace family has applied for funding through the County's loan program <br />for septic system repair in conjunction with the Quilcene Water Quality <br />study, Rich Micklich reported. Janet Welch designed the system which <br />represents the best of a bad situation and would improve the system. <br />