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<br />Michelle McConnell <br />From:Gene Farr [] <br />Sent:Wednesday, April 28, 2010 10:05 AM <br />To:Stewart, Jeff R. (ECY) <br />Subject:Additional Comments on Jefferson County SMP <br />Categories:LASMP Public Comment <br />In addition to comments previously submitted there is another issue that needs to be <br />addressed. <br /> <br />The LA SMP makes excessive use of Conditional Use permits. The County should not be <br />abrogating their responsibility by passing the job to the DoE. Further, my read of the SMA <br />says that the use of Conditional Use permits should be a property owner option not a forced <br />government requirement. Therefore I insist on the removal of all government required <br />Conditional Use permits from these SMPs. <br /> <br />Gene Farr, Property owner <br />McMinn Road, Jefferson County <br />1 <br />