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<br />Health Board Meeting Minutes: March 21, 1989 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />use for future planning. This will be reviewed by the Health Officer <br />as well as the rest of the staff. <br /> <br />Additional Telephone Line: An additional telephone line is needed by <br />the Department, Kathy Stafford reported. There have been complaints <br />from people who have not been able to reach the Department in a timely <br />manner because the telephone is always busy. The cost would be $39.21 <br />per month for an additional line. The original installation will cost <br />approximately $150.00. Commissioner George Brown moved to approve the <br />installation of an additional phone line for the Health Department as <br />requested. Commissioner Dennison seconded the motion. The motion <br />carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />Interim Plan for Nursinq Staff: Kathy Stafford asked that Irene <br />Senior Pomeroy be appointed as Acting Nursing Director until June 1, <br />1989. An LPN could be hired part time to carry out some of the <br />duties that will be shifted among the Nurses to accommodate this staff <br />change. The part time position would be temporary to June 1, 1989. <br />Commissioner Dennison moved to approve the appointment of Irene Senior <br />Pomeroy as Acting Director of Nursing until June 1, 1989, and to <br />approve hiring a part time LPN until that date. Commissioner G. Brown <br />seconded the motion which carried by a unanimous vote. <br /> <br />Search Committee for Director of Nursinq: Applications for the <br />Director of Nursing position would be accepted until May 1 and if <br />qualified applicants are found, a new Director could be hired by June <br />1. A search committee of four people was formed including Kathy <br />Stafford, Dr. Geerlofs, one Board member, a representative from the <br />Nursing staff and Cynthia Howarth. The Board will advise Kathy <br />Stafford of the member that will serve on the search committee. <br /> <br />The advertisement for this position will be sent to all the Health <br />Departments in the State, posted at the University of Washington and <br />advertised locally before any advertising is done out of state. <br /> <br />ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRECTOR'S REPORT: Environmental Heal th <br />Director, Cynthia Howarth reported on the fOllowing: <br /> <br />Continuing Education for County Licensed Septic System Designers and <br />Installers: There is proposed state legislation which would require <br />continuing education for septic system designers and installers <br />licensed by the County, Cynthia Howarth reported. She recommended <br />that continuing education be done at least once per year, even if this <br />legislation does not pass the State Legislature, however, quarterly <br />education sessions would be better. <br /> <br />If there are twelve people at a time for training, Cynthia added, the <br />State will come here to do the training. The discussion continued <br />regarding training, the trust that needs to be developed between the <br />