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<br />BOARD OF JEFFERSON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />'r' <br /> <br />t'District ~2!-..l C::>mmissi::mer <br />District N:::>. 2 C:::>mmissi:::>ner <br />District N::>. 3 C::>mmissbner <br /> <br />A. M. O'Meara <br />B. G. Br:::>wn, Chairman <br />Carr::>ll M. Mercer <br /> <br />Clerk::>f the B::>ard <br />Engineer <br />Secretary <br /> <br />Be tty J. Anders on, Audi t::>r <br />Edwin A. Becker, P.E. <br />Jerdine C. Bragg <br /> <br />MINUTES <br />OCTOBER 18, 1976 <br /> <br />10:00.A.M. - Meeting called to order by Chairman B.G. Brown. <br /> <br />HEARINGS: <br /> <br />Two proposed road vacations. <br /> <br />1. Vacation of Christney Road - <br /> <br />Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Udd petitioners did not appear. Mrs Earl <br />A. Greene, appeared in favor of the vacation. No one appeared <br />to speak against. 'Engineer B~cker submitted his le,tterof <br />recommendation that the road be vacated. The Planning Commission <br />also submitted recommendation that the road be vacated. <br />Chairman Brown stated that he is not in favor of vacation until a <br />new access road is built. Commissioner O'Meara recommended Mrs. <br />Greene acquire a written agreement for a 30' easement from the <br />persons who own property where thf: newacces~is~?,~eGonstr\;lcted. <br />It was also suggested . that GreenQiilll:LtheO~:~~~"~~~ygi.nav~-~> <br /> <br />i~T~t~eu~€~~rt~~iy~~e..,.~iX> .d~f~~~~~~~~.~-:~--r <br /> <br />tr-- . , '. - <br /> <br />2. Vacation of Carroll 'Ave., Gise's Addition. <br /> <br />No one appeared to speak for or against the proposed vacation. <br />The Planning Commission submitted their recommendation that the <br />road be vacated. Engineer Becker submitted his recommendation <br />that the road not be vacated at this time because certain lots <br />would become landlocked and could cause concern in the future. <br />Moved by Commissioner 0 'Meara. second by Comm'issionerMercer to <br />post pone final decision on vacation until simultaneous vacation <br />of certain lots can be discussed with the petitioner. Unanimous. <br /> <br />BUSINESS FROI"1 COUNTY DEPARTMENTS: <br /> <br />PLANNING DEPARTMENT: <br /> <br />(1) Army Corps public Notice No. OYB-I-003085, Olympic Canal <br />Maintenance Corporation. <br />- Assistant Planning Director Aumock advised.that Shoreline <br />Management substantial Development Permit No. .. 16-1996 ,was <br />issued for this project. Moved by Commissioner Mercer, second <br />by Commissioner O'Meara for Chairman Brown tosign notice pfno <br />objection to the Corps. Unanimous. <br /> <br />(2) Forest practices Permit App'l; <br />#FP-02-0ll79 - Roy A. Skinner <br />Land owner intends to convert the land to homesite. Movedby <br />Commissioner O'Meara, second by Commissioner Mercer to sign <br />notice to the Department of Natural ResourCes of no objection. <br />Unanimous. <br /> <br />Andy Driscoll, Northwest Environmental Consultants, appeared to present <br />his firms credentials for the preparation of the Kilisut Harbor Study. <br />He stated they would divide the project into three parts, ,i .e. gathering <br />of data, analysis and report. The Board requested that a cost breakdown <br />for full dollar amount be submitted for the study. Ten persons' from the <br />Kilisut Harbor area appeared to express their interest in the project and <br />to keep abreast of its progress. <br /> <br />Resolution No. 65-76; authorizing the expenditure of $1,775.94 from <br />E'ederal Revenue Sharing funds for the purchase of one (1) Hazel Plat <br />Cabinet #400 and two hundred .(200) 18" X 24" vinyl envi10pes was approved <br />by motion of Commissioner 0' Meara, second by Commissioner Mercer . .Unanimous. <br /> <br />. VOL <br /> <br />2 fACE <br /> <br />o 1217 <br /> <br />~;;;~,;:,,:""':'~::""'il:~'^'; <br /> <br />~,,' ,~,;'-"h'.',;:,,'.!J"': <br /> <br />~ <br />