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<br />Michelle McConnell <br />From:Linda Lou Marshall [] <br />Sent:Friday, April 16, 2010 4:52 PM <br />To:Stewart, Jeff R. (ECY) <br />Subject:I support the updated Jefferson County SMP <br />Categories:LASMP Public Comment <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />As a property owner of 10' along the east fork of Chimacum Creek I've worked hard with local <br />organizations to establish 150' and 180' buffers along the creek. Thousands of trees and <br />shrubs have been planted, the creek meandored, the bed enhanced with gravel, woody debris <br />added and a winter-only channel for overflow during times of high water. The salmon runs have <br />increased, the birds are back, the beaver are here too. <br /> <br />Jefferson Land Trust, North Olympic Salmon and the Jefferson County Conservation District <br />coordinated efforts to make this a reality. There is an easement on my property to assure <br />that the results of the work continue after my ownership has passed. <br /> <br />Any property owner whose property is adjacent to water has a responsibility to look beyond <br />their own interests and make sure that they have only positive impacts on this resource that <br />impacts so many other people. Clean water to drink, a healthy environment that provides food <br />and jobs for people, and wildlife habitat long into the future must take precedence over <br />short-term greed on the part of a few property owners. I don't want to see the nard work that <br />has been done to restore the salmon run diluted by reducing the buffers on either the salt or <br />fresh water shorelines. <br /> <br />I've attended meetings held by the people fighting adoption of this plan. The words "my" and <br />"mine" were repeated over and over again. This is about much more than that ... <br /> <br />Please look into the future and support, finalize and adopt the locally approved and updated <br />Jefferson County SMP as it is presented to you. It deserves it and so do the people and <br />critters who come after us! <br /> <br /> <br />Linda Lou Marshall <br />POB 861 <br />Chimacum, WA 98325 <br />1 <br />