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<br />Michelle McConnell <br /> <br />Sent:Tuesday, May 04, 2010 10:08 PM <br />To:Stewart, Jeff R. (ECY) <br />Subject:New water front regulations comments from waterfront owner <br />Categories:LASMP Public Comment <br />Dear Mr. Stewart: <br /> <br />I am an owner of property on the Hoh river, I am concerned about the comment on section 3-2 of the <br />regulations. Regarding the skyrocketing price of waterfront property that <br />mitigated the loss of value of property from increased setbacks. In 1992 my wife and I purchased 65 <br />acres on the Hoh river w/3500 feet of riverfront. The property has been for sale the last several <br />years. As the various shoreline and growth acts have been enacted the opportunity for development <br />of our property has decreased. This has had such an impact the the only offer we have received on <br />the property (from Western Rivers Conservancy) was 25% less than what we paid for it in <br />1992. Government programs such as the Flep program have not made a payment since the fall of <br />2007. When I purchased the property I was able to subdivide the property into 10 parcels with ten <br />residences. Now I can only have one parcel with only one residence. The only use the property has <br />now is growing trees, but with the huge shoreline buffers the amount of usable land for growing trees <br />is significantly less than it was when I purchased the property. In 1992, If I would have known that <br />governmental regulation would have devalued my property values to the point that eighteen years <br />later it would be less than I paid for it, I would never have purchased the property. I purchased the <br />property as an investment to fund my retirement. As you can see, my retirement will not be very well <br />funded. To say that these regulations have no negative impact to property owners is a total work of <br />fictions. Not every owner of waterfront property owner is a multimillionaire, many of them are like <br />myself that get up and go to work everyday and scrape to get by. Since I am self employed and <br />receive no pension all I hope, that age sixty seven when I retire, that I have something more that <br />social security to live on. I you would like to speak to me regarding about anything I have related in <br />this e-mail please call on my cell number 253-677-5321. <br /> <br />Regards, <br /> <br />Brian Liljas <br />1 <br />