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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Unified Development Code Interpretation <br />Date: February 1, 2001 <br />UDC Section: 3.5.3 Forest Resource Districts: c. Setback Requirements for <br />Adjacent Development; d. Setback Requirements on Designated <br />Forest Lands; e. Establishment of Resource Protection Areas <br />Language subject to interpretation: “structure” <br />Interpretation: <br />The intent of UDC 3.5.3.c-e is to ensure a building setback from Forest Resource <br />Districts. Buildings include structures such as a residence, garage, accessory <br />dwelling unit, and outbuilding. The definition of “structure” found in Section 2 of <br />the UDC and consistent with WAC 173-27-030 fits a broader category of <br />examples, including fences, wells, and septic systems. The intent of UDC <br />3.5.3.c-e is not to exclude fences, wells, septic systems, and driveways from the <br />resource protection areas adjacent to Forest Resource Districts. This stricter <br />interpretation of “structure” applies only to UDC 3.5.3.c-e. The definition of <br />“structure” in Section 2 of the UDC pertains to all other sections of the UDC <br />unless modified by future UDC code interpretation. <br /> <br /> <br />____________________ <br />UDC Administrator <br />