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01 0105 09[Icon] 2008 Comp Plan Amendments
02 0223 09[Icon] Fee Schedule Increase for DCD
03 0323 09[Icon] MLA09-00024, UGA Final Compliance Action
04 0323 09[Icon] Establishment of Standards for the Delivery of Public Defense
05 0427 09[Icon] Enacting a Moratorium against the issuance of permits for Adult Businesses
06 0511 09[Icon] Amending the Critical Areas Ordinance CAO
07 0810 09[Icon] Amending the Jefferson County Clean Water District, JCC 8.65
08 1109 09[Icon] Enacting a Moratorium Against the Issuance of Permits or Approvals Pertaining to Adult Business
09 1109 09[Icon] MLA09-00295; Amending JC Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code for the Proposed Iron. UGA
10 1123 09[Icon] Moratorium on a new Mooring Buoy's in Mystery Bay
11 1215 09[Icon] Comp Plan Amendment MLA09-00077 Port of Port Townsend Rezone
12 1217 09[Icon] Establishing a Fee Schedule for Jefferson County Public Health
2009 Ordinance List[Icon]
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