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C. Supplement the funds received from the Jefferson County professional services contract <br />and pay salary and fringe benefits for each Jefferson County Extension Educator and <br />designated staff members. <br />D. Submit to Jefferson County at the beginning of each month an invoice for the actual <br />reimbursement amount that occurred during the month of the professional services <br />contract appearing in Appendix A of this agreement. <br />E. In cases where position vacancies occur due to separations during a contract period, the <br />counties will be invoiced to cover the Jefferson County portion of annual leave and sick <br />leave payout. <br />F. Provide fringe benefits to Jefferson County Extension Educators as outlined in the WSU <br />Faculty Manual and provide fringe benefits to support staff as specified by the applicable <br />agreement, policy, or law. <br />G. Grant annual leave, sick leave, professional leave, other leave and holidays as outlined in <br />the WSU Faculty Manual for Jefferson County Extension Educators or by the applicable <br />agreement, policy, or law for jointly funded or fully WSU funded support staff. <br />H. Provide in-service education for Jefferson County Extension faculty members. <br />IV. Under terms of this Interagency Agreement, Jefferson County will: <br />A. Through a professional services contract, pay the amount agreed upon monthly, or as <br />mutually agreed upon, to Washington State University for Extension education services <br />to be rendered in Jefferson County. This professional services contract, known as <br />"Appendix A" to this agreement, shall be for a term of one calendar year and will be <br />negotiated prior to the beginning of each calendar year. <br />B. Promptly pay the invoice voucher from Washington State University. Current month <br />invoice to be billed by the 10th and payable on the 25th of the month, or on a scheduled <br />mutually agreed upon between WSU Extension and Jefferson County. The invoice to be <br />for the actual monthly reimbursement of the contract amount. <br />C. Jefferson County agrees to pay the "county portion" of accumulated leave payments for <br />contracted personnel due to separation. <br />D. Contingent upon approval of the Board of County Commissioners or County Executive, <br />Jefferson County will continue to support contracted personnel on professional or <br />retraining leave. <br />E. Furnish office facilities for faculty and support staff. <br />F. Provide an adequate operating budget to carry out Extension educational programs for <br />citizens of Jefferson County. This budget will cover secretarial and support staff salaries <br />Page 2 of 3 <br />