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<br /> <br />Health Board Minutes: September 19, 1989 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br /> <br />$7,596 this totals $35,733. If the positions are split again the <br />Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for 18 hours per week would have a <br />salary of $14,947 and the Clinic Nurse Specialist for 23 1/2 hours <br />per week would have a salary of $20,786 for same total cost of <br />$35,733. The Board concurred that these two positions be separated <br />and both be on a part-time basis. <br /> <br />~~ES REPORT: No Report this month. <br /> <br />ENVIRONMRNT~. HEAJ.TH: The State Department of Ecology <br />has appealed the solid waste site permit issued by the County to <br />the Port Townsend Paper Company. <br /> <br />CAPE GEORGE AREA SEWAGE DISPOSA~ ISSUES: Chairman B.G. <br />Brown explained to the 61 interested Cape George residents, that <br />Dave Lenning from State Department of Social and Health Services <br />was scheduled to be at this meeting, but has since had a change of <br />plans and will not be present. He was to explain what the State <br />could do to help with the Cape George Sewer District issue. <br /> <br />Commissioner Dennison stated that he called Dave Lenning after the <br />last Health Board meeting. He was advised about the questions <br />regarding the health issues on sewage treatment at Cape George. <br />He was asked what assistance the State could provide to the <br />residents of Cape George and to the County to help determine more <br />specifically the extent of the problem in this area. Dave Lenning <br />advised that the DSHS doesn't have staff or funding to spare, but <br />he would be Willing to come here and look at the situation and <br />discuss it with the County and provide any assistance that he <br />could. Mr. Lenning just recently learned that he was cross <br />scheduled elsewhere. This meeting had already been advertised and <br />it was too late to change it when the County was notified that he <br />could not be here. The County has been trying to facilitate a <br />solution (testing or answering questions) to the problems here in <br />Cape George. The background of the sewer issue and how the County <br />plays a role can be explained. <br /> <br />Dr. Geerlofs stated that this has been a confusing issue with a <br />great deal of controversy. The County would like to establish a <br />dialogue with the people of Cape George and work with them through <br />the Sewer District's elected officials to determine the global <br />issues what role the Health Department can play to help. <br /> <br />The Health Department's legal responsibility regarding septic <br />systems is to deal with failing systems on a one by one basis. A <br />number of failing systems in a densely populated area, such as <br />this, effect the properties around them. The Health Department <br />records show that ove+ the years there are growing problems in the <br />Cape George area. Because there are potential global problems, <br />which was determined by the Department's professional staff lOOking <br />at the facts, the Health Department is interested in helping the <br />area, if the people want the help. The policy has been to deal <br />