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I. SCOPE AND PURPOSE OF RULES <br /> <br />LCAR 1.1 <br /> <br />APPLICATION OF RULES-PURPOSE AND DEFINITIONS <br /> <br />The purpose of civil arbitration of civil actions under RCW 7.06 as implemented by the Civil <br />Arbitration Rules is to provide a simplified and economical procedure for obtaining the <br />prompt and equitable resolution of disputes involving claims of $100,000 or less, exclusive <br />of attorney fees, interest, and costs. The Civil Arbitration Rules as supplemented by these <br />local rules are not designed to address every question which may arise during the <br />arbitration process, and the rules give consider able discretion to the arbitrator. The <br />arbitrator should not hesitate to exercise that discretion. Arbitration hearings should be <br />informal and expeditious, consistent with the purpose of the statutes and rules. <br /> <br />LCAR 1.2 <br /> <br />MATTERS SUBJECT TO ARBITRATION <br /> <br />The following matters are subject to civil arbitration: (a) civil actions at issue in the Superior <br />Court where the sole relief sought is a money judgment not in excess of one -hundred <br />thousand dollars ($100,000) exclusive of attorney’s fees, interest, and costs. <br /> <br />LCAR 1.3 <br /> <br />RELATIONSHIP TO SUPERIOR COURT JURISDICTION <br /> AND OTHER RULES <br /> <br /> <br />Which Rules Apply. All motions before the Court relating to civil arbitration shall be noted <br />on the Civil Motions Calendar in accordance with LCR 5, except as otherwise provided in <br />these arbitration rules. <br /> <br /> <br />II. TRANSFER TO ARBITRATION AND ASSIGNMENT OF ARBITRATOR <br /> <br />LCAR 2.1 <br /> <br />TRANSFER TO ARBITRATION <br /> <br />(a) Statement of Arbitrability. In every civil case, following the commencement of the <br />action, but no later than ninety (90) days prior to a properly noted and set trial, any <br />party may file a Note for Arbitration Setting & Initial Statement of Arbitrability <br />substantially in the form of (Exhibit A). The Note for Arbitration Setting & Initial <br />Statement of Arbitrability shall be filed with the Clerk and a duplicate copy delivered <br />to the opposing party or parties. A party failing to file and serve a statement of <br />arbitrability within the time prescribed shall be deemed to have waived arbitration <br />and may subject the matter to civil arbitration thereafter only upon leave of the court <br />for good cause shown.