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provide true public access, it makes sense to have different requirements for public <br />projects. <br /> <br />In many cases, a conditional use process may not achieve a better product than <br />proceeding directly to the applicable regulations. The Jefferson County SMP <br />regulations are closely aligned with State Parks’ own development guidelines. State <br />Park projects receive extensive public review and comment, from the initial planning <br />and land classification process through budgeting and, finally, postings and notifications <br />as projects are implemented. Requiring the conditional reviews for appropriate public <br />access shoreline projects is unnecessary duplication of effort and wasteful of public <br />resources. We both want to provide a quality public shoreline access experience. State <br />Parks needs the opportunity to apply those regulations effectively in developing projects <br />for public benefit. <br /> <br />It is the nature of state parks that the majority include shorelines and other sensitive <br />areas. Washington State Parks holds itself to a very high standard for all development, <br />especially in environmentally sensitive areas like shorelines. Our staff includes <br />planners, engineers, archaeologists and environmental staff with extensive experience <br />specific to providing public access and facilities in sensitive areas. The Jefferson <br />County LASMP includes extensive regulations that assure that beach access and other <br />water related facilities are properly developed. Consistency with the goals of the state’s <br />Shoreline Management Act, and Jefferson County’s own SMP goals, requires that <br />public beach access structures, boating facilities, and other water-oriented public <br />recreation development remain as permitted uses. This is the best way to support <br />these goals, especially Article 3 (4), Public Access and (5), Recreation of the SMP. <br />Working with permitted uses and their regulations allows State Parks to most effectively <br />direct scarce public funding to provide water access opportunities to serve the people of <br />the state, and Jefferson County. <br /> <br />To support appropriate public shoreline access, State Parks requests the following <br />changes to chapters 4 and 7 of the LASMP. <br /> <br />On page 4-6, make the following changes to Table 1, Permitted, Conditional and <br />Prohibited Uses by Shoreline Environment Designation. <br /> <br />Environmental Change <br />Shoreline Use Designation Existing To <br />Beach Access Structures, Public Aquatic C(a)* P* <br />Beach Access Structures, Public Natural C(a)* P* <br />Beach Access Structures, Public Conservancy C(a) P <br />Boat launches (non-residential) Natural C(a)* P* <br />Boat launches (non-residential) Conservancy C(a) P <br />Docks, piers, floats, lifts (non-residential) Conservancy C(a)* P* <br />Mooring Buoys Conservancy C(a) P <br /> <br />On Page 7-2, line 13, delete “as a conditional use.” <br />On Page 7-2, line 20, delete “as a conditional use.” <br />On Page 7-2, lines 25 and 26, delete “as a conditional use.” <br /> <br />