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Commissioners Meeting Minutes: Week of February 16, 1999 ~ <br /> APPROVAL AND ADOPTION OF THE CONSENT AGENDA: Commissioner Wojt <br />moved to amend Item 8 to read two (2) days (at the request of the applicanO and to adopt and approve <br />the items as amended and presented. Chairman Harpole seconded the motion in the temporary absence <br />of Commissioner Huntingford. The motion carried. <br /> <br />11. <br /> <br />12. <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 15-99 re: Designation of Interim Public Works Director Frank Gifford <br />Agent for Jefferson County in Emergency Project Submittals <br />AGREEMENT re: 1999 Community Services Grant Funding; Jefferson County Public Services; <br />Port Townsend Senior Association <br />AGREEMENT Interlocal re: Implementation of Summer Youth Enrichment Program; <br />Jefferson County Community Network and Jefferson County Youth Initiative Program <br />AGREEMENT EM999389 re: Earthquake Mitigation Grant; Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, <br />Department of Emergency Management; Washington State Military Department, Emergency <br />Management Division <br />Certification of Road Fund Expenditures for Traffic Law Enforcement; Rural Arterial Program; <br />Jefferson County SherilT s Office; County Road Administration Board (CRAB) <br />1tEARING NOTICE re: Ordinance No. 01-0208-99 re: Amending Emergency Ordinance No. <br />06-0828-98 to allow the siting of Public Purpose Facilities including Police Stations and Fire <br />Halls upon all lands within unincorporated Jefferson County and Exempting Public Purpose <br />Facilities from the maximum building cap contained in Sections 8, 9, 10, & 11 of this Ordi- <br />nance; Setting hearing for 3:00 p.m. on Monday, March 1, 1999, in the Commissioners Cham- <br />bers <br />Accept Recommendation to Pay Claim # C-6-99, Jeffery Cronin, Damaged Vehicle; $1,500.00 <br />Approve Request To Use Two (2) of Jefferson County's Allocated Days for McCurdy Pavilion <br />for High School Graduation; Chimacum High School <br />Three (3) Out of State Travel Requests re: <br />- Navigating the Sea of Adolescence Conference, Seaside, Oregon; April 18 - 21, 1999; <br /> Jefferson County Health & Human Services; Hilary Metzger <br />- NACO 1999 Legislative Conference; Washington D.C.; February 25, 1999 - March 3, <br /> 1999; Jefferson County Commissioners; Richard Wojt <br /> <br />- NACO 1999 Legislative Conference; Washington D.C.; February 25, I999 - March 3, <br /> 1999; Jefferson County Public Services; Gary Rowe <br />Appoint Member to Serve Another Three (3) Year Term (Retroactive to 9/21/98) on the <br />Peninsula Regional Support Network Advisory Board; Janet I. Anderson <br />Letter Inviting Newly Elected City Council Members to Meet Regarding Issues of Mutual <br />Concern <br /> <br /> <br />