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Name Case number Parcel Number Site Address Description Issued Date Finaled Date Status Permits - Document Type
XMP98-00005 ‎(0002)‎[Icon]
XMP98-00001[Icon] XMP98-00001 HOODCANAL maintenance and repair of the Hood Canal floating bridge 3/5/1999 A
XMP98-00002[Icon] XMP98-00002 HOODCANAL installation of culvert and stormwater outfall for residential use. 4/6/1998 A
XMP98-00003[Icon] XMP98-00003 802261022 6/15/1998 A
XMP98-00004[Icon] XMP98-00004 FRESH_SSW Install an 18" diameter, 12' long culvert at a road crossing where a ditch currently exists. 3/20/1998 A
XMP98-00005[Icon] XMP98-00005 502152013 Repair existing A and B Dock pier and gangway approach. 3/11/1998 A
XMP98-00006[Icon] XMP98-00006 001152006 Maintenance and repair of a deteriorated effluent line which serves the primary clarifier project 4/20/1998 A
XMP98-00007[Icon] XMP98-00007 002231001 tight line to beach for stormwater 3/23/1998 A
XMP98-00008[Icon] XMP98-00008 KILISUTHA maintenance and repair of buoy 6/16/1998 A
XMP98-00009[Icon] XMP98-00009 601071001 install three concrete slabs for emergency generator, electrical service panels, and two 500 gallon diesel fuel storage tanks 3/24/1998 A
XMP98-00010[Icon] XMP98-00010 931920023 The proposal is for maintenance grading of beach berm for "soft" shoreline protection previously authorized by shoreline permit(s) exemption XMP91-0012, and XMP94-0012. 3/20/1998 A
XMP98-00011[Icon] XMP98-00011 FRESH_SHO correct fish passage barriers by replacing culverts 5/13/1998 A
XMP98-00012[Icon] XMP98-00012 701274003 Repair a failing rockery along an unnamed stream which exits at Dabob Bay. SEPA review is required for shoreline exemption permit projects located on or over the waters of the State. 8/17/1998 A
XMP98-00013[Icon] XMP98-00013 821162014 Install an energy dissipator device for the maintainence of an existing drainage swale. 7/14/1998 A
XMP98-00014[Icon] XMP98-00014 FRESH_SSW To create protected fish spawning and rearing habitat by excavating a groundwater fed channel in an abandoned river bar parallel to the Bogachiel River. The channel would be approximately 1100 feet long. 4/20/1998 A
XMP98-00015[Icon] XMP98-00015 FRESH_SHO A site restoration plan for associated wetlands to the shoreline of Anderson Lake. 4/21/1998 A
XMP98-00016[Icon] XMP98-00016 969300002 Add a single pile to existing floating dock 6/16/1998 A
XMP98-00017[Icon] XMP98-00017 FRESH_SHO Maintenance excavation of 'gravel traps' for flood control. These gravel traps were excavated at the same locations in 1995, 1996, and 1997. 7/13/1998 A
XMP98-00018[Icon] XMP98-00018 901182036 Replacement and repair of an existing on site sewage pump station. 6/15/1998 A
XMP98-00019[Icon] XMP98-00019 HOODCANAL replacement of 8 steel expansion joint plates on the Hood Canal Bridge 6/16/1998 A
XMP98-00021[Icon] XMP98-00021 FRESH_SHO Replace support structure for an existing 6-inch diameter waterline which crosses Chimacum Creek. 7/9/1998 A
XMP98-00022[Icon] XMP98-00022 901114012 C
XMP98-00023[Icon] XMP98-00023 611010000 Repair of the diffuser portion of a wastewater outfall pipe for the Olympic Corrections Center. 6/26/1998 A
XMP98-00024[Icon] XMP98-00024 FRESH_SHO Repair of an existing rip-rap wall. Repair sections will consist of approximately 125 linear feet along Oil City Road. 8/13/1998 A
XMP98-00025[Icon] XMP98-00025 HOODCANAL Construction of a 150 foot long rip-rap wall and an H-pile retaining wall for road repair purposes. 8/13/1998 A
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