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<br />Board of Equalization Minutes: October 17, 1991 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />Vice-Chairman Douglas stated for the record that the neighborhood code 3334 is for Port <br />Ludlow 2, Area 3. The land code used is 1145. The lot is designated as a unimproved site, <br />partial fair marine view, it is wooded and the topography is difficult. The Assessor deducted <br />40% for topography and an addition 30% because of the ravine. The Board was on-site on <br />October 16, 1991 and noted the topography problems. Vice-Chairman Douglas asked if there <br />was any record in the Shiach's files or the County files to show that the County had tried to <br />divert the run off down the road rather than into their lot? Mrs. Shiach said the County built <br />up a berm on the road and she is not sure if the runoff from the road still goes through the <br />culvert. <br /> <br />Assessor's Exhibits: <br />#A-l Computer Field Sheet for Subject Property <br />#A-2 Neighborhood/Land Code Rate/Description Listing <br /> <br />There were no further comments or questions. <br /> <br />CERTIFICATE <br />OF <br />NEW CONSTRUCTION VALUE <br /> <br />Vice-Chairman Douglas stated that the Assessor had prepared a statement dated October 10, <br />1991. "Pursuant to RCW 36.21.080 and 84.40.040, I, Jack Westerman III, Assessor of <br />Jefferson County hereby certify that the value of new construction added to the 1991 <br />assessment role is $48,698,530. New construction added subsequent to certification of the <br />assessment roles to the BOE. An additional $16,379,140 was included in this certification." <br /> <br />MOTION <br /> <br />Vice.Chairman Douglas moved to accept the Certificate of Construction <br />value. Member Archie Barber, Jr. seconded the motion which carried by <br />unanimous vote. <br />