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JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />Consent Agenda <br />Commissioners Office <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSION~··,<;_ <br />i . / I \ ''"l . <br />TO: <br />AGENDA REQUEST Je1,A.ot!J1-ovtid\.,_~..:f,.·KJ __ / / . <br />erso,, by l} .·,;;_____ 7/, ! <br />Board of County Commissioners County -6e ::::._~rCf(i,l.;:/CC. <br />John F. Fischbach, County Administrator 0 tntnissio 0 <br />·· na,..s <br />DATE: July 3, 2006 <br />SUBJECT: Program for the Administration of the Expanded Mental Health & <br />Substance Abuse Treatment & Therapeutic Courts Fund Established by <br />Ordinance No. 08-1003-05 <br />STATEMENT OF ISSUE: <br />On October 10, 2005 the Board of County Commissioners approved Ordinance No. 08-1003-05 imposing and <br />providing for the administration and collection of a sales and use tax for new or expanded chemical dependency <br />or mental health treatment services and for the operat ion of new or expanded therapeutic court programs as <br />provided in Ch. 82.14.460 RCW. <br />The attached program for the administration of this funding is presented for approval. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Approve the program for the administration of the Expanded Mental Heal th and Substance Abuse Treatment <br />and Therapeutic Courts Fund. <br />REVIEWED BY: <br />Date