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• <br />JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />621 Sheridan Street • Port Townsend - Washington 98368 <br />360/379-4450. 800/831-2678. 360/379-4451 Fax <br />Unified Development Code Interpretation <br />11NI LA 01- K3 <br />-201U 01- 2,0 <br />This interpretation is made according to Section 8.6 of the Unified Development Code <br />(UDC). An interpretation of the provisions of the UDC is intended to clarify conflicting or <br />ambiguous wording, interpret proper classification of a use, or interpret scope or intent. <br />The "Factors for Consideration" listed in UDC 8.6.2.c were considered in making this <br />UDC interpretation, including applicable policies of the Jefferson County <br />Comprehensive Plan. <br />Date: May 15, 2001 <br />Case: M LA01-000183 <br />Applicant: Northwest Aggregates <br />Representative: Stephen H. Roos, Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson <br />UDC Section: 4.24 Mineral Extraction, Mining, Quarrying and Reclamation, <br />Subsection 7 <br />7. The alteration, intensification, and expansion of existing gravel pits and <br />• surface mining operations is allowed subject to reasonable performance <br />standards to ensure that alteration, intensification, and expansion of such <br />uses have minimal adverse impacts on surrounding areas and uses, and <br />provided that: <br />a. If increased off-site impacts (noise, vibration, dust, traffic) would result <br />from expansion, intensification, or modification, a conditional use permit <br />shall be required. <br />b. Modification to include a new use or operation (e.g., a rock crusher) shall <br />require a conditional use permit subject to a Type III permit approval <br />process. <br />Summary of code interpretation request: <br />1. What does it mean to "alter, intensify or expand" an existing surface mine? <br />2. How will the County determine whether performance standards are "reasonable," <br />and whether adverse impacts are "minimal"? <br />3. How will the County establish a baseline for the purposes of determining whether <br />an activity results in "increased" off-site impacts, and is the County's analysis <br />limited to noise, vibration, dust, and traffic? <br />4. How will the County define a "new use or operation" for purposes of UDC <br />4.24.7.b? <br />Lanquage subiect to interpretation: <br />1. "alteration, intensification, and expansion" of existing gravel pits and surface <br />mining operations <br />2. "reasonable" performance standards; "minimal" adverse impacts <br />uoc 4.24.7 code interp 8.15.01.JOP.doc - Pam 1 <br />