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07 1216 13[Icon]
01 0620 13 Health Board[Icon] Amendment to Public Health Fee Schedule
02 1104 13[Icon] Approval of 2013 CPA Adopting Ordinance reflecting the changes to the Comp Plan on two amendments
03 1112 13[Icon] Unified Dev. Code, JCC 18.40.090 to add certian add. types of app. that req. a preapp conf.
04 1112 13[Icon] JCC Fee Appendix to add certian new fees/adjust other fees of the DCD
04A 1216 13[Icon] Corrected amanding JCC Fee App. to add certian new fees & adjust other fees of the DCD
05 1112 13[Icon] County Enhanced 911 Excise Tax on the Sale of a Prepaid Telecommunication Service to an End User
06 1125 13[Icon] To Establish Revised Fees for the Pulbic Works Solid Waste Division & to adopt Amendmen to JC Code
2013 Ordinance List[Icon] 2013 list of ordinances
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