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<br />BOARD OF EQUALIZATION MINUTES - SEPTEMBER 19, 2000 <br /> <br />Page 2 <br /> <br />Milos Falta <br />P.O. Box 1911 <br />Valdez, AK 99686 <br /> <br />BOE: 00-95-LO <br /> <br />PN: 001 064 004 <br /> <br />Mr. Falta was not present. Appraiser Dennis Pownall represented the Assessor's office and was sworn in by <br />Vice-Chairman Broders. The property under appeal consists of approximately 20 acres located off of Hastings <br />Avenue, Port Townsend. The appellant stated on his petition that "Land is used to grow forest product and as <br />such should quality for assessment based upon current use. Attached is timber harvest permit." The appellant <br />also sent a supplement letter stating "... This letter is to support my request for revaluation of newly appraised <br />value of my property. About two weeks ago I asked the County Assessor's office to provide me with a list of <br />comparable properties, so I could present my case accurately. I have not obtained such a list yet. I got only <br />inadequate verbal information over the phone. It considered 15 acres should be most comparable to my <br />property. It sold in 1994 for $120,000, then in 1999 for $132,500. Roughly a 10% increase over 5-6 years. <br />This property was logged, probably building site cleared, which may mean significant improvement. In the <br />past I received several 'Valuation change notices' with higher appraised values. So I do not believe that the <br />Assessor's office neglect their duties to properly assess above mentioned property' In the 18 years I have <br />owned this property, there were no improvements made whatsoever, only forest is growing and as such, land <br />could qualify for 'Designated Timberland'. It is hard for me to believe that in this last short time, value of this <br />property would increase almost 50%. There are more facts which negatively affect the value of my property. <br />In the process of gathering information for this appeal I learned that zoning for this land changed from 4/5 <br />acres to 2/1 0 acres. Also, this property probably will be one of the last to be served by city water, if that ever <br />happens. Every property is different, comparing seemingly similar property is closest, but hardly an accurate <br />way to establish value. I believe, until property is sold, we never can know how much a potential buyer is <br />willing to pay..." The current assessment is $146,715. The appellant's estimate of value is $80,000. <br /> <br />Mr. Pownall stated that the property is not in the forest management program so it cannot be valued as <br />designated forest land. As stated in the appellant's letter, only one (I) parcel was used as comparable in <br />valuing this property, but, it was property that sold twice which is strong evidence. He explained how he <br />valued the property and stated that he believes the value is fair and equitable. There is a small acreage <br />calculation error which will be corrected. This correction will reduce his valuation from $146,715 to <br />$141,090. The appellant's estimate of value is still below that amount. <br /> <br />Hearing no further testimony Vice-Chairman Broders closed the hearing. The Board will consider all the <br />information provided, conduct a physical inspection of the property and make a determination at a later date. <br /> <br />PETITION WITHDRAWALS <br /> <br />Member Deleo moved to accept the following petition withdrawals. Vice-Chairman Broders seconded the <br />motion. The motion carried. <br /> <br />APPELLANT APPEAL NO. PARCEL NO. <br />Albert Cairns BOE 00-12-LO 972 901601 <br />" " BOE 00-13-LO 972 901 501 <br />Pope Resources BOE 00-73-LO 821 164001 <br />" " BOE 00-74-C 968 600 002 <br />" " BOE 00-75-LO 990 100 019 <br />