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Jefferson County Hearing Examiner Contract Page 2 <br />Contractor's Contract Representative <br />Stephen K. Causseaux, Jr. <br />902S. 10th Street <br />Tacoma, WA 98405 <br />SECTION 4. COMPENSATION <br />4.1 A description of the compensation to be paid to the Contractor is set forth in Exhibit B: <br />Compensation, which is attached to the Contract and incorporated by this reference. <br />4.2 The total amount payable under the Contract by the County to the Contractor in no event <br />will exceed $35,000 per year. <br />4.3 Unless otherwise provided in the Contract, the Contractor may submit an invoice to the <br />County Administrator once a month for payment of work actually completed to date. <br />Subject to the other provisions of the Contract, then County generally will pay such an <br />invoice within 30 days of receiving it. <br />4.4 The Contractor will be paid only for work expressly authorized in the Contract. <br />4.5 The Contractor will not be entitled to payment for any services that were performed prior <br />to the effective date of the Contract or after its termination, unless a provision of the <br />Contract expressly provides otherwise. <br />4.6 If the Contractor fails to perform any substantial obligation and the failure has not been <br />cured within 10 days following notice from the County, the County may, in its sole <br />discretion and upon written notice to the Contractor, withhold all monies due the <br />Contractor, without penalty, until such failure to perform is cured. <br />SECTION 5. AMENDMENTS AND CHANGES IN WORK <br />5.1 In the event of any errors or omissions by the Contractor in the performance of any work <br />required under the Contract, the Contractor will make all necessary corrections without <br />additional compensation. All work submitted by the Contractor will be certified by the <br />Contractor and checked by the Contractor for errors and omissions. The Contractor will <br />continue to be responsible for the accuracy of work even after the work is accepted by the <br />County. <br />5.2 In order to be effective, any Contract renewal, amendment or modification must be in <br />writing, be signed by both parties and be attached to the Contract. Work under a renewal, <br />