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gSON 2b yV 6 2 7 <br />�i Off, JEFFERSON COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />621 Sheridan Street - Port Townsend - Washington 98368 <br />360/379-4450.800/831-2678.360/379-4451 Fax <br />Unified Development Code Interpretation <br />This interpretation is made according to Section 8.6 of the Unified Development Code (UDC). <br />An interpretation of the provisions of the UDC is intended to clarify conflicting or ambiguous <br />wording, interpret proper classification of a use, or interpret scope or intent. The "Factors for <br />Consideration" listed in UDC 8.6.2.c were considered in making this UDC interpretation, <br />including applicable policies of the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan. <br />Date: August 7, 2002 <br />Case: MLA02-379 <br />Applicant: Hugh Winn <br />UDC Section: 2.3 (Definitions) <br />Driveway <br />A strip of land which provides vehicular access to one or two lots. <br />Road, Access <br />A road that functions solely to provide access to two or more lots <br />Summary of code interpretation request: <br />1. Clarify the distinction between "Driveway" and "Access Road." <br />2. Is the intent of Section 6, Table 6-1 front or road setback something else other than it <br />says? <br />Language subject to interpretation: <br />1. Distinction between "Driveway" and "Access Road." <br />2. Table 6-1, Bulk and Dimensional setback requirements for residential parcels as it <br />relates to ingress/egress easements. <br />Interpretation: <br />1. The definition for a driveway is interpreted to include access that is typically not shown <br />on any manner of county recorded documents including recorded subdivisions and <br />recorded surveys. Driveways must serve no more than two lots. Driveways are not <br />required to meet specific width or construction requirements. Ingress/egress easements <br />that are recorded on acreage parcels or recorded on the face of a plat or survey serving <br />two or more lots are subject to the setback standards contained in Table 6-1. <br />2. The intent of Section 6 is to provide safe and legal access. The definition of `Road" <br />under the UDC is identified as "An improved and maintained public or private right-of- <br />way which provides vehicular access to abutting properties, and which may also include <br />provision for public utilities, pedestrian access, cut and fill slopes, and drainage." <br />Section 6.8.1.m requires that easements established through the subdivision process <br />meet a minimum 40 -foot right-of-way width upon finding that the public health, safety, <br />• and welfare be protected and that the easement width is adequate for the construction <br />and maintenance of roads and utilities. <br />udccodeint.winn.doc Page 1 <br />