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Climate Action Committee Organizational Goals for 2017 <br />For 2017, the CAC has recommended that each organization represented have one goal related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) and one related to preparing for climate <br /> impacts (adaptation) for 2017. Below are the goals per organization (in no particular order). <br />Jefferson County Public Health <br />Mitigation: Continue education and outreach to encourage recycling, composting. Roll out new EnviroStar program to all county businesses <br />Adaptation: Continue education and outreach on health-related changes from a warming climate (e.g., allergens, asthma, heat); infrastructure (e.g. washouts); and continue shellfish and <br /> algal bloom monitoring (CI-4*) [* References are adaptation strategy numbers from NOPRCD Climate Prep Plan, if it relates to one] <br />Jefferson Transit: <br />Mitigation: Add EV charger at the 4 Corners Park and Ride. Continue implementation of a no idle policy. Apply for electric bus grant. Continue to do public outreach on transit. <br />Adaptation: Improve communications to the public about emergency route changes. (CI-1) <br />Students for Sustainability: <br />Mitigation: Continue implementing composting system in Port Townsend High School. Pursue bottle bill for WA State. <br />Adaptation: TBD <br />Energy LLC: <br />Mitigation: Promote electric vehicle car sharing by neighborhood or perhaps a shared fossil fuel vehicle for those with electric vehicles (or truck), and electric bike sharing. <br />Adaptation: Investigate feasibility of producing and storing carbon free fuel in east Jefferson County. (CI-1) <br />Jefferson Health Care <br />Mitigation: Continue recycling and composting. Begin growing own herbs and vegetables. Newly reconstituted green team will investigate opportunities for other greenhouse gas reductions. <br />Adaptation: TBD <br />City of Port Townsend: <br />Mitigation: Investigate opportunities to collaborate with mill re: natural gas <br />Adaptation: Water conservation – look at rate structure, and develop communication plan to include water supply issues. (WS-1, WS-13, WS-15, CI-15). Update stormwater plan in 2017. <br />Local 20/20: <br />Mitigation: Inform community on global and local climate issues so that county residents know how to act both individually and collectively toward a sustainable future. <br />Adaptation: Document selected King Tide events (3 to 5) including posting photos to Sea Grant website, maintaining King Tide email group, and sending “real-time” KT photos to NWS Seattle <br /> via Twitter to support Coastal Watch/Warning system. Post blog on how to tweet photos to NWS to improve Coastal Watches / Warnings. Provide climate input on municipal documents out <br /> for review. (E-10, CI-3, CI-4) <br />PTPC: <br />Mitigation: Investigate opportunities to utilize empty trucks that leave the mill to carry something; look for opportunities to reduce solid waste <br />Adaptation: evaluate impacts of water shortages and investigate methods to reduce water usage; assess impacts of rising seas on erosion or other infrastructure aspects <br />Jefferson County: <br />Mitigation and Adaptation: Departmental work plans in 2018 will include climate adaptation and mitigation aspects. <br />Other organizational goals in process: Jefferson County, Jefferson PUD, Port of Port Townsend, Non-motorized transportation