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<br />Michelle McConnell <br />From:Wayne King [] <br />Sent:Wednesday, April 14, 2010 5:03 PM <br />To:Stewart, Jeff R. (ECY) <br />Subject:I DO NOT , AGAIN I DO NOT support the updated Jefferson County SMP <br />Categories:LASMP Public Comment <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Attention Mr. Stewart: <br />Over four years in the making, citizens, stakeholders and county staff, have worked <br />diligently (for personal agendas)to update Jefferson County SMP that meets the community's ( <br />what community)needs while based on sound peer-reviewed (a joke)science that supports the <br />policies and decisions. Citizen (Grant Reccipiants)involvement and community outreach was <br />outstanding and the Department of Community Development (DCD) provided multiple opportunities <br />for involvement over a four year period, including several direct mailings to shoreline <br />property owners. No one in my family have EVER RECEVED a notice oof this mess) The Board of <br />County Commissioners took extra time to analyze every piece (Selectivly)of testimony and to <br />incorporate their ideas, where appropriate. As a result, the updated SMP is a well balanced <br />approach to meet needs of both property owners (HOW MANY O THE COUNTY STAFF OWN SHORLINE <br />PROPERT??)and Puget Sound?s ecosystem. <br /> <br />Specific elements of the updated SMP that I DO NOTsupport include: AGAIN I DO NOT SUPPORT <br />THIS!!!!! We will sue to stop this. <br /> <br />My Family came here in 1910 and took care of the land. We have been taxed for the best use <br />of our property for over 100 years!!!! years. Now we must surrender to this LAND GRAB. <br />1) 150 foot buffers (except in Port Townsend)which were supported by significant testimony <br />(which you do not listen to)at all meetings and hearings, are supported in the current <br />science as a compromise of buffer widths necessary to protect shoreline functions. <br />2) Provides for flexible buffer modification(hire an attorney) where modifications are <br />appropriate (i.e., where there is no net loss to shoreline functions) <br />3) Clear language and policies make it easier for citizens to understand the SMP <br />4) Clear regulations provides land use consistency and improves property values <br />5) Prohibits commercial net pen farming <br />6) Minimizes the need for shoreline armoring by encouraging non-structural remedies <br /> <br />At this time I urge you to DO NOT adopt the locally approved and updated Jefferson County <br />SMP as it is presented to you. <br />I urge all citizens of Jefferson County to join in the various LAW SUITS. <br />If this is a typical DOE meeting you will never read or consider ANY of the Publics Coments <br />or Information. Remember you always complain about funding and Staff shortfalls. My many <br />trips to the Crystal Palace has shown me that DOE Is out of control. <br />I am sure you will not read any letter against the MSP. But then why would you respond. <br />Thank God Jay Manning is gone from DOE, but noe he is attempting to be the NEW <br />GOV.........Another PERSONAL AGNDA PERSON aka WEC <br />Mr. Stewart how much land will you lose???? <br /> <br />Wayne King <br />51 Gardiner Beach Road <br />Gardiner, WA 98382 <br />1 <br />