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<br />Health Board Meeting Minutes: May 16, 1989 <br /> <br />Page: 2 <br /> <br />Primary Dental Care Contract: This grant is being administered by <br />Clallam Jefferson Community Action Council, but that administration <br />will be transferred to the Health Department with this grant <br />amendment. Administration costs for the grant will now go to the <br />Health Department not Community Action Council. <br /> <br />Mission Statement Adopted at Health Department Retreat: Kathy <br />Stafford asked the Board to review and approve this mission statement. <br /> <br />DIRECTOR OP NURSING REPORT, Acting Director of Nursing, Irene Senior <br />Pomeroy reported on the following activities of the Nursing section <br />of the Health Department. <br /> <br />Community Health Nursina Advisory Committee: Irene Pomeroy reported <br />that she met wi th the Communi ty Heal th Nursing Advisory Commi ttee last <br />week. The Committee would like to have representation for the <br />environmental health section of the department as well as the nursing <br />section. There are open positions on this Committee which could be <br />filled by persons interested in environmental health. Cynthia <br />Howarth, Director of Environmental Health is in favor of this change <br />in the Commi ttee. The Board concurred that the Communi ty Health <br />Nursing Advisory Committee membership and interests be expanded to <br />include environmental health. <br /> <br />WCPCAN Grant: This grant is for $15,000 and will allow the hiring <br />of an additional public health nurse, Irene Pomeroy reported. The <br />grant will not be received until the goals area simplified. This <br />should be done and the grant funding received by July 1. <br /> <br />Visit to Queets/Forks: The AIDS Coordinator and Director of Nursing <br />will be visiting in the Queets Forks area in the near future. <br /> <br />AIDS: An AIDS advertisement is being planned for the interior of the <br />Transi t buses in the County, to urge young people to contact the <br />Health Department for information. <br /> <br />BNVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRBCTOR RBPORT, The following items <br />were reported and discussed by Cynthia Howarth, Director of <br />Environmental Health. <br /> <br />Status of Cape Georqe ULID, Health Hazard Evaluation: The ULID was <br />defeated last fall, but then formed in April of 1989. The State <br />Department of Ecology had not contacted Cynthia Howarth about the <br />study requested by Myron Offstein, which would look into the County <br />Health Officer's declaration of a health hazard in the Cape George <br />area, but she made contract with Karl Semmes. The State Department <br />